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Natural quartz crystals are typical refractories. Their melting point is over 1300 degrees. 94% of the quartz made of natural quartz is completely flame-retardant. It will not cause combustion because of high temperature contact. It also has high temperature resistance characteristics that can not be compared with artificial stone countertops.







antibacterial ,anti-mold , anti-mildew
color consistency
Heat  Resistance
Maintenance Low
Non-porous, Non-absorbent
Good to househoid cleaners
Scratch Resistance
Stain Resistance
Strength & Durability
Manufacturer-Backed Guarantee




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High hardness, not easy to scratch



Product features



Surface Texture of Natural Advanced Materials
Solid texture, easy cleaning, heat resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, impermeability



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1. Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd is a particularly famous manufacturer.
2. Guangdong Owenlai Ceramics Co., Ltd has won the big marketplace of with its strong technical base.
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                                                                   ZS terracotta panels 



Terracotta panel is made by the material clay material and fired with more than 1200 degree temperature with the advanced hollow structure and dry hanging system which is widely used in curtain wall and interior wall.   prefabricated houses coffee shop

1. Terracotta wall tile  advantages


*Natural clay material -100% green material and hollow structure


*Heat preservation and sound insulation


*No-static and no-radiation product


*Rich color and surface available


*Easy dry hanging system


*Non of the light pollution


*Self-cleaning system


*Never color fading


*Light weight


2. Terracotta usage


Terracotta panel have the dry hanging system which it is widely used in curtain wall, interior wall, floor and roof etc, it is the advanced and green building material, normally called Terracotta panel for exterior wall, terracotta wall panel, Terracotta louver, Terracotta tube,   terracotta panel for curtain wall. etc


3. Normal colors

Red: Bright red, coral red, burgundy red, coffee

Yellow: Ivory wheat yellow, maize yellow, orange yellow

Gray: light gray, great wall gray, deep gray, dark gray, white,green, blue



4.Normal size

*Available thickness: 18mm 30mm


*Available width: 300mm 400mm 450mm 500mm 550mm 600mm 650mm


*Available length: 300mm,600mm,900mm,1200mm,1500mm,


*OEM and ODM are available


5. Normal surface

Natural/stripy/groove/glazed/wood grain/napping


6. Technical Data

A) Net weight :31kgs/sqm for x18mm (thickness), 44kgs/sqm for x30mm (thickness)


B) Size error: within +-1%, max is within +-2mm


C)Thickness error:within +-4.5%-8%


D)Center curvature: within +-1%


E) Side straight and right angle: within +-1%


F) Anti-pollution: Grade 3


G)Anti-corrasion: Grade UA


H)Wind pressure test  10 kpa


I)Water absorption: 1%-7%


J)Frost resistance: No crack in -100 centigrade


K)Breaking strength : minium 3244N (300x600x18mm)


L)Fire-proofing: Grade A1


M) Anti-impact: 0.51-0.78


N)Anti-pollution:Grade 3


O)Noise-isolated 7-10db


P) Rupture modulus are 16.2mpa


6. ZS panels advantage

Advantages of ZS Terracotta Panel , comparing with Stone and Glass
NO.ContentsTerracotta PanelNature StoneGlass
1MaterialNatural Clay, 100% green materialgranite,marble, sandstonequartz alkaline colloid
2Dry Weighthollow structurer, 30-32kg/m2, 70% weight of the Nature Stone2.4-2.7kg/m³2.5kg/m³
3Dry-hanging Systemwith its own groove for dry-hanging, standard, safe and easy handle.on-site processing, fragile,security riskon-site fixing
4ColorNever fading, color inherent,stable color for each production.natural color, but it is greatly affected by mine or locationheavy-metal oxide
5Durabilitynot new in ten years, not old in one hundred years.easy to be second weatheringeasy to be errosion
6Acid and alkaline resistancehighmiddlelow
7Radiactivitynonewith radiactive elementsWith radiactive elements for bright color glass
8Low-carbon abilityhollow structure ,good heat and sound insulation, light-weight, greatly saving steel,half of stone's heat-conducting, recycling.low heat and noise insulation, heavy, needing to be reinforced.high light-transimission, no heat-insulation
9environmental protection of the processingusing shale and terracotta, or coal waste, easy for exploration, no need to process too much, little wastemuch wasting water, stone material is limited, causing great damage to environment.limited good silicon
10Light pollutionno, matte surfacenohigh,dazzling


 Project Image:  

ZS Terracotta Panels Data Information
NO.ContentsX18 (300X600X18MM) Terracotta PanelChina N. S. GB/T4100-2006EN14411 standard
1Water Absorption3%≤average≤8%(II) 6-10%(II) 6-10%
2Net Weight31kg/m2no valueno value
3Breaking Strength3475N≥ 900N≥ 750N
4Frost Resistanceno crack under -60 centigradetested value of the reporttested value of the report
5Modulus of Ruptureavg. 13.1Mpa, min 11.8MpaAvg. ≥ 9Mpa, single value≥ 8MpaAvg. ≥ 9Mpa, single value≥ 8Mpa
6Earthquake resistanceover 8 degreeno valueno
7test under simulated wind loadNo breakage under 10Kpano valueno
8sound insulationNoise reduction by over 8dB7-10dBno
9Wind pressure9kPatested value of the reporttested value of the report
10heat conductivity0.32 w/m. kno valueno
11Fire resistanceleval A1no valueno
12resistance to acid and alkaliLevel UAtested value of the reportno
13radioactivityClass-A decorative materialno valueno
14Right angle0.1%- -0.2%within ±1%no
15Size error300L: 0.1%- -0.4%         600L:   0.2%- -0.5%with in ±2% , max is within ±2mm,no
16Thickness errorwithin ±4.5%: within ±10%no
17Diagonal line-0.5 ~ +0.2             Max 1.0mmwithin ±2%no

Simple to Install


The ZS rain screen system is easy to install with the step by step procedures of our installation guide. As a ship-lapped, open-joint cladding, the ZS system can be installed in all weather conditions because it requires no mortar. The pre-punched aluminum track speeds installation of the panels as it allows each clip to click into place. A silicone isolator on each clip and gasket running the length of the vertical track create a snug fit for each panel.




Required Tools

ZS panel installations require the following common tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Utility knife
  • Screw gun
  • Plumb line
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Putty knife
  • Chop saw for aluminum

Production Line:







Advantages & Usages
  Thirdly, it is very important for you to understand all the advantages of panels.


  Forthly, i will show you the wide usages of our eps cement sandwich panels.
is of novel design and has characteristics of . Advanced manufacturing technology is adopted for KKR artificial stone
With concept, is designed, which is of . KKR artificial stone can be widely applied in hotels, home, apartments, suites, etc
is manufactured by the cutting edge of world technology. KKR artificial stone is fashionable and premium-marketed
is used as supporting materials for . KKR artificial stone is tolerant to heat and coldness
as an important product in its industry should be designed with . KKR artificial stone can be widely applied in hotels, home, apartments, suites, etc
The product is of great quality which has been approved by the international certifications. Water absorption rate of KKR artificial stone stays low
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