A diamond tile what are the advantages and disadvantages

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-09
With friends on the site owner a message want to know to understand what diamond tile? As people living standard unceasing enhancement, people's demand for ceramic tile is becoming more and more widely, lead to the kinds of ceramic tile on the market more and more, this content small make up take you to understand to understand what is a diamond of ceramic tile. ( Diamond tile) Diamond ceramic tile is secondary to burn the super chip technology product, it is super smooth glaze, water ripple, completely solve the traditional glazed ceramic flatness problem. Compared with traditional glazed ceramic using soft cast (all Cast thin) USES hard cast, super SPAR, make more smooth glaze. Compared with super smooth glaze single glazing, diamond tile using secondary burning super chip technology and secondary glazing process, the glaze layer thicker hair color more even, the surface color is more smooth, more natural transition, thus, the design and color is more beautiful. Ceramic tile ceramic tile the advantages and disadvantages of a diamond, diamond water ripples, the advantages of the industry's leading diamond tile secondary burning super chip technology, the ds crystallization glaze glazing process for many times, 1180 degrees high temperature constant temperature secondary fire, to completely eliminate the production of water ripple, products more flat, hard surface present a perfect mirror effect, and like diamonds glittering and moving, give a person a kind of luxurious feeling. Pollution: diamond tile mature secondary burning super chip technology to make the diamond slab bottom hard, physical performance is more stable, less pollution, ds crystallization glaze glazing process for many times, effectively reduce stain invasion again. 360 seal glair technology, 360 - degree comprehensive anti-pollution products, but also to completely eliminate the pollution phenomenon of products, and used again for a long time, still charm. Super durable: king kong glaze super wear resistance of diamond or thanks to its unique ds crystallization glaze glazing process for many times, special crystallization glaze layer thicker than ordinary glaze layer is more wear-resisting, no longer afraid of scratching household, sand La wear away. After grinding, will always keep you at the beginning of it. High brightness: king kong glaze diamond by crystallization degree and the transmission of light better ds crystallization glaze glazing for many times, make products to obtain a higher brightness. The surface brightness above 103, like a flat mirror, light, like a diamond shining, shining brilliance, not only let the application space appears more capacious and bright, more add a luxurious feeling. Second, the shortcomings of diamond tiles, diamond tile glaze thickness is equal to 1 BoWei crystal products, ceramic tile and microcrystalline want to to be thinner than others. 2, diamond tile of this kind of products on the market penetration rate is relatively low, little production of the manufacturers. That is in this issue of diamond tile some introduction, the owner can need according to his friends to understand, if there is a more detailed content which friend, welcome to our message area to share, let's meet next content. ( Diamond tile)
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