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by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-21
Overland marble newly defined a breakthrough and innovation, let real further for many consumers like marble tile, marble tile more like natural marble, the better, the more alternative the more like it. In view of the consumer demand is higher and higher, Overland ceramics successfully developed new 'natural' the series - — From the technology, effects, texture, such as all-round breakthrough, beyond the bottleneck of bottom slab hair color, implements the ceramic tile of natural features. To get more realistic effect, innovation breakthrough, Overland ceramics using a special technology, also joined the special billet coloring material, make ceramic tile body like native stone texture, implement new natural this series were situated all component texture, stone material is clear degree further; Regardless of the groove, chamfering, edge grinding, etc. , are using freely, colour and lustre effect like the beauty of natural marble, general appearance, space adornment effect more lifelike, and abrasion resistance of a variety of processing, application more comfortable good physical properties. Unpublished novel not only like a native natural stone texture, on gloss of processing more than stone. After repeated comparison of natural stone material, combined with ergonomics and space applications, let household light more scientific and more healthy. Second, tile on the texture of building in the world, and Overland ceramics integration of the global natural stone resources, the essence world of rare stone material, from the color, texture, texture, luster, brick, etc restore the natural stone texture and texture, pure natural, outstanding body, glow acme of noble temperament. Each style is different, let you feel the real world of the tile. Overland new natural, a natural art, meticulously is Overland carefully customized for love marble consumers. Was launched products, favored by many young consumers and designers, acclaimed. New household space and individuality, Overland new natural marble will is your best choice.
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