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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-22
Speaking of ceramic tile, a lot of friends think he comes from China, after all, is the capital of ceramic in China! But we are now decorated with ceramic tile can be traced back to the late 12th century, when the egyptians have begun to use clay brick by drying or baking paint and then production. In the production of ceramic tile has a long history in China, specialized in the market now is full of beautiful things in eyes, then millay with everyone know the ceramic tile species and good or bad: one, the types of brick ( 1) Glazed tile, glazed tile is based on the surface of the brick after burn glair processing and formation of the brick. Is ceramic tile decoration market choice is the most widely at present. Currently on the market to choose the highest is glazed pottery, because glazing treatment was conducted on the surface of the glazed tile, so the color design is rich, has a strong ability of anti-pollution. ( 2) Body brick, brick and glazed tiles differ in that the surface of the body brick not glaze, his positive and negative material of colour and lustre is consistent, so there would be hence the name! Very wear-resisting body brick, his biggest drawback is design and color is more single! Although now in the market has ooze to spend body brick, but still can choice is narrow. Is with the footpath outdoor hall hall, corridor, decoration engineering, such as common ground material. ( 3) The naming of polishing brick, polishing brick is process, hot brick surface is rough, becomes polishing brick after polishing. Polishing brick belongs to connect body brick, but the opposite is true of the brick, polishing brick surface, is much more light. On the market now can also make some imitation stone, the effect of imitation wood, but relatively glazed ceramic tiles, colour is still single. ( 4) Bo changes a brick: quartz polishing brick also called bo changes a brick. It is made of clay surface coated with a layer of quartz twice sintering. With the glass surface hardness level. The production process is complicated so the price is more expensive. ( 5) Mosaic: it generally by the number of N piece small brick comprises an integral part of the big tile. Because Mosaic Joe, colour diversity, is very popular with decorate owner, is now widely used in interior walls and walls in public places! Still have on market other the name of multifarious brick, but no matter how its name method, basically can delimit one of afore-mentioned breed are planted. Second, how to identify and select: about the selection of ceramic tile actually are all the same, they are all have in common. ( 1) High quality ceramic tile won't have crack, also is in the process of production and the cracks caused by temperature connection into irregular cracks, tortoise shell striate when seeing such ceramic tile simply don't have to choose! ( 2) , no matter what kind of ceramic tile, can have bibulous rate, but when the body density is too loose, it is not just water, must not choose the ceramic tile. Otherwise the sewage may seep to the surface of cement, and the surface of the glaze layer is easy to fall off. We see a lot of restaurants the floor tile of toilet, you will know! Three, geometry size: geometry size good tile shop is stuck out certainly better. We like not bad, just need to put the brick tile on the floor, and see the diagonal, flatness, no error is geometry size good ceramic tile brick. Four, see level: ceramic tile is generally divided into four grades, classy article, a-one quality, qualified products and defective goods difference, when the choose and buy, also notice ceramic tile has nothing to do with whether the number marked on the packing, specification, color is consistent, not one wouldn't have a choice. Five, testing the hardness, density of ceramic tile: good ceramic tile on the market high hardness, toughness, not easy damaged, check the best approach is to use hard objects ( The key, blades, etc. ) Force the ceramic tile glaze Nick, look have Nick, no is good ceramic tile. Second is to listen to the voice of ceramic tile, we can use a finger tapping, such as hear the ringing indicating that the higher density, the quality is better! Do not recommend buying conversely. Choose ceramic tile, we can not only from nice to choose on one hand, in addition to color, actually several aspects we should appeal to choose. Hope I share is helpful to you
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