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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-14
Content in current small make up to sort out the floor tile of wall of pavement construction technology and acceptance standard decorate guide, a friend to all our clients to provide some reference for decorating, solve some problems in decorating. Convenient to decorate supervision, inspection and acceptance, can have a reference of floor tile of wall of pavement construction technology and acceptance standard. ( Ceramic tile process) Wall tile and floor tile brick construction technology considerations a brick of the wall, to spread from the stick, and a wall can't post a tip, and joint general is 1 ~ 3 mm; Before the shop is stuck with the flat of metope, dealing with cracks; Apply to the middle of binding material was slightly higher than 4 weeks, with a rubber hammer percussion surface at a fixed, thus can avoid air backlog in the adhesive layer. At the same time must carry on the level of detection; Bonding material to mix right amount, generally metope cement and sand proportion is 1:4, ground cement and sand ratio of 1:3. Second, ground to a draw. There are some civil engineering is the uneven ground, meet this kind of situation we should put the uneven paving with cement mortar. When laying can use different color of ceramic tile ( Darker) Around the frame and the frame of the ceramic tile with a light color. Admittedly, the ground of the kitchen and toilet is bound to have a skew, this is for the sake of drainage. Three, ceramic tile decorated another note waterproof processing. On the metope of the kitchen &bath premises should be highly attention. Due to a change in ceramics are usually damaged the original water silt oar waterproof layer. The remedy is set on ceramic tile to play before a layer of asphalt waterproof layer. Ceramic tile seam between the white cement filling should be mended. Fourth, the brick surface to be flat, Angle to accurate, interface for line; Ceramic tile before using submerged half day; Toilet ground cant be moderate, not water interface should be used after the white cement ceramic tile cane wire brush clean white cement, do not leave cement stains on the surface of the brick; Shop floor tile, after the church to use cardboard cover, such as brick surface, and m hours at least before they can walk on the surface of the brick. Ceramic tile shop sticks acceptance standard one, pay attention to the floor tile should be spelling a flower, or in accordance with the unified direction of the shop is stuck. Second, the floor tile flatness with 2 meters level check, error does not suffer from more than 0. 5 mm, adjacent brick elevation difference don't suffer from more than 0. 5 mm, aperture straightness three, laid of floor tile, the other type of work do not suffer from pollution, not to develop artificial trample. After the completion of the floor tile crack-cleaning 24:27 and hours, with the cleaning, and maintenance. Three control within 3%, floor tile empty drum phenomenon, empty drum must rework on the main channel, 3% single refers to the single block edges empty drum, drum above the block from. Four, floor tile shop did finish to check the flatness error, empty drum, such as color, with cardboard or cover all maintenance, such as plywood, old carpet, and joints between must stick tightly with wide tape, avoid clutter. Five, under normal circumstances, the levelness of the floor tile is allowed 2 mm error, floor tile must be consistent, the cracks in the brick and tile diagonal place should level off, The 0 is allowed. 3 mm error) , hutch, defend the wall brick in addition to the brick and the brick for Angle place should level off, still water pingdu ( Allow 1 mm error) And vertical degree ( Allow 2 mm error) To reach, the bathroom, balcony ground brick to consider floor drain, should first put slope, such as no special reason don't suffer from water. Six, wall brick and ground tile after the shop needed & other Caulking agent & throughout; Or & other; White cement & throughout; Wet slurry caulking. Seven, brick surface crack is neat, uniform neatly, brick seam is not more than 1 mm, ceramics error is less than 2 mm. Have a floor drain kitchen and bathroom, the balcony floor tile is enough since the drainage skew. Nine, have broken brick surface collapse phenomenon. Ten, ceramic tile direction is correct, no inversion phenomenon. Eleven, tile and waist position is correct, no offset or highly fault phenomenon. That is about the process of floor tile of wall of pavement construction and acceptance standard of some of the specific content, if a reader owner to have a better and more full of standards, hope to leave a message in our website, and we learn together. ( Ceramic tile process)
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