Overland Ceramics - Ceramic Tile Manufacturer since 1999 

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Overland Ceramic Tiles Enterprise Profile

Overland Ceramics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. Its headquarters is located in Foshan City, the central area of Chinese ceramics. After years of sustained and rapid development, Overland Ceramics has grown into a modern large-scale building ceramics manufacturer. At the end of 2008, a huge investment will be invested in the construction of quartzite project, which will build the largest quartz production base in China. Owenlai has a large scale and outstanding strength. It has a high-quality enterprise team of nearly 1050 people, which gathers high-level expertise in various fields of technology, management and marketing in China's ceramics industry.

Overland Tile Design Advantage

Irvine tile is a semi-finished product with emotional color, just like cloth, it can not be used directly. Irvine professional design team has completed the work of fashion tiles, according to the customer's household type, budget, preferences, design style, in-depth research and development of design schemes, to complete the overall space design for consumers, especially. In the living room background wall, floor, toilet overall bathroom design, with leading edge, professional ceramic tile design.

Overland Tile Scientific and Technological Value

International leading ceramic manufacturing technology, precision equipment, computer automatic integrated production system, industry leading, international ISO900 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, patented ceramic glazed tile production technology, unique technical assurance. Initiate the research and development process of natural, environmental protection and imitation products. The national compulsory 3C product certification, water absorption, frost resistance, pollution resistance, hardness and other product indicators are higher than European standards, international first-class quality, excellent performance.

Overland Tile Service Advantage

Overland Tile completes the value-added service work, introduces foreign advanced service system, from product design scheme to later construction, all one-to-one service, professional supervision, acceptance node, all standardization, from product selection consultant to delivery flow configuration, from supporting home design style to site construction supervision, pre-sale, pre-sale, inspection, etc. During and after sales, the whole process is carefree and respected.




With the rise of modern simple home style in China, Irvine domestic sales have developed rapidly in recent years, and gradually become the industry benchmark of "plain modern brick".

The "Overland Grey" products developed in 2015 quickly became the best-selling products at home and abroad with its classical high-grade grey tone; in 2016, the domestic product of 900x1800 specification was first created, which broke the monopoly of international brands in the field of large-scale modern bricks and set off the trend of large-scale "plain modern bricks" in the industry.

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