After 300 jins weight girls inconvenience

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-16
Born in linyi in shandong province in a 16-year-old girl from 3 months to 300 jins weight have been today. Body weight for her life, learn a lot of inconvenience, others eyes and let her have also become introverted personality. Her weight and this is no ordinary obesity is short time drop down, then we think about another problem: more than 300 jins weight by skipping the motion to increase activity, if the quantity of ceramic tile can withstand so home? Will not crack? If that what kind of ceramic tile is better? Actually say durable under big pressure with the ceramic tile of scratch-resistant flowers can use marble tiles. A: marble tile, texture clear, colour and lustre is bright beautiful. Gives a person the sense with dignified atmosphere, make the space effect of rendering a tolerance, more suitable for fashionable personage pursuit of quality life. 2: marble for the high temperature burn becomes the glaze layer on the surface of the ceramic tile, besmirch completely unable to penetrate, and after polishing treatment, surface smooth, clean and convenient. Three: marble tiles for smooth glaze layer on the surface of the dense, bibulous rate is less than 0. 3%, so the marble tiles can rinse clean with water. 4: marble tile mohs hardness 4 - Level 5, plus the glaze surface protection, the product wear-resisting. The Overland marble tile has obvious features of a few points in the fourth. We can do a test: test, the car drove up to the marble tiles found Overland ceramic tile not only intact, and the whole process of ceramic tile is not little noise, and to start the car back and forth in ceramic tile upward, in this case, the ceramic tile still intact without fracture. This sufficient to prove that Overland marble tile bending degree is high, decorate household more durable, experience is long cover is new. Now that the car can be rest assured of Overland marble tiles moving back and forth, so that just 300 jins weight in this exercise again calculate what?
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