Aisle sticks ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-12
Corridor tile best is symmetrical. If corridor and other place such as sitting room floor tile of cohesion, but no direct connection, with a transmission line or interface line can be. Can even use the whole piece of tile pattern. This area is more obvious, more show. The following a few big tile scheme, from the simplest entry level to the ultimate level of luxury, there is always a suitable for your home! Entry-level contracted and pure! Using wave lineup or pressure line contracted with ceramic tile shop the whole case, pure, simple and easy, and save the dosage of ceramic tile. Ceramic tile base level of the same, different colour don't want to be a single corridor effect, use a variety of color of ceramic tile is mixed the shop is stuck, concise and lively colour jump to bring more pleasing visual effect. Into the class to add some ceramic tile ornament wave line or bump color is enough? Can be in ceramic tile is spread or inclined shop with a little other small size ceramic tile color as an ornament, hallway appears more sweet and delicate. Professional level of the combined specification ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile of different specification according to certain combination in the form of the shop is stuck, coupled with wave line, operate relatively complex, but the effect. The combination of relatively neat, concise paragraph: the supreme level ceramic tile cutting without spelling a flower, spelling a flower is not luxury. The grandeur of the ceramic tile after fine cutting, spelling a flower, of the synthesis of showily beauty will shine brilliantly.
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