All glazed ceramic tile is the feeling of echocardiography

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-02
Floor tile is indispensable in the building is decorated, both ground and metope, in the full glazed ceramic tile that is relatively popular, although more expensive, but the appearance design is sure to make you very satisfied. 1, the whole colorful glazed ceramic tile design, selection of good environmental performance fully glazed ceramic tile surface spray glaze again fine polishing product, can make the enamel, glaze layer is relatively smooth; Through continuous high temperature after floor tile, decorative pattern design in dialysis color shading texture effect, not ordinary floor tile on the surface of a straightforward decorative pattern design, and environmental performance is relatively good, therefore liked by consumers. 2, price moderate, very high cost performance all glazed ceramic tile is very high cost performance, affordable, service life is better than traditional polishing tile many, of course all glazed ceramic tile is concise and simple and easy, many consumers love. MG8058PA- All glazed ceramic - 800 * 8003, use is wider, lower maintenance cost all glazed ceramic tile as wear resistance, wide use, space stereo sense is stronger, especially suitable for luxurious place. 4, durable all glazed ceramic tile durable, not easy to wear and tear, and using time limit is three times as many common polished tile. 5, improve household space through brightness all glazed ceramic tile's advantage is free, so if housing is relatively dull, can be used to decorate household space all glazed ceramic tile is relatively good choice. MG8019PA- All glazed ceramic 800 * 800 small maintenance strategy 1, tea, fruit stains, coffee stains can use sodium hypochlorite diluent, soak 30 minutes when using cloth wipe; Of infiltration in the brick stain for a longer time, soaking time should be a few hours. 2, ink, antifouling wax mould forming mould, can use sodium hypochlorite diluent. When used to bleach in besmirch place clean soak a few minutes. 3, cement, scale, scale using hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid solution, wiped a few times more. 4, antifouling paint, oil surface wax layer using alkaline cleaners, degreasing agent to paint. 5, the use of 20% 40% sodium hydroxide solution soak for 24 hours after the cloth rub-up, with 30% 50% hydrochloric acid solution soak for 30 minutes after wipe with a cloth. 6, if is caused by ice cream stain, can use alkaline cleaner clean. 8095 pa - All glazed ceramic - 800 * 800 overland ceramics design is numerous, as a private enterprise with fifteen years ceramic tile production and operation of ceramic tile manufacturers - Overland ceramics. Have been continuously introduce new ceramic tile, and reliable quality, reasonable price, so get the size of the engineering across the world, home of the order, no wonder ~! Overland fifteen years has always followed the trend of constant progress, to launch all kinds of new style for you. Welcome hotline: 86 - 757 - 87678922 ( With WeChat)
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