All glazed ceramic tile level is high in appearance, adornment effect is good, when the choose and buy needs to pay attention to the three points

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-29
The modern family is decorated in, more and more inseparable from the use of ceramic tile. Ceramic tile greatly small type so much, however, according to the different production process can be divided into the brick, polishing brick, bo changes a brick and glazed tiles. Among them, the glazed ceramic as a kind of glazed pottery, home market favor. However, many owner a little knowledge, knowledge of the glazed ceramic decorating when the choose and buy there. So, glazed ceramic should be all about how to choose? What matters need to pay attention to when the choose and buy? First of all, it is suggested that the owners before the choose and buy, to understand the characteristics of glazed ceramic. Glazed ceramic refers to all through the whole process of glazed tile. All high quality glazed ceramic has rich colors style, texture pattern distinct, stereo sense is strong, exquisite and smooth surface, and high gloss, etc. In the building materials market, all glazed ceramic belongs to high-grade ceramic tile, in general, compared with the brick, polishing brick, and bo changes a brick sales prices higher. Combining with the characteristics of the glazed ceramic, in the actual selection, can through the glazed ceramic surface texture, water absorption and wear-resisting degree of detection, to carry out quality to identify the advantages and disadvantages. First of all, through the first glazed ceramic surface observation and touch to identify. A high quality glazed ceramic all bright and clean and bright, high gloss, glaze layer on the surface of the crystal clear, bright and clean as a mirror, touch up smooth delicate, simple sense is good. When choosing, if it is found that the surface has obvious Mosaic, black spots, spots or pinhole, feel is rough and texture pattern is messy, defects such as color, explain the whole glazed ceramic quality is poor. Second, can through simple water seepage experiments, and to detect the bibulous rate of glazed ceramic. If is a family to decorate ceramic tile ground, bibulous rate is one of the important performance had to be taken into account. Because all glazed ceramic polishing is above the glaze layer, glaze layer and surface protection, bibulous rate is usually low. All glazed ceramic water absorption, can be a little water in the back of it, let stand for 5 minutes, watching water diffusion and infiltration, the less easy ooze water, illustrate the glazed ceramic bibulous rate is lower, density, the better, higher quality. The third point, but also to test the whole cast glaze wear-resisting degree. Relatively, glazed ceramic fly in the ointment is wear-resisting degree. If buy the bad quality glazed ceramic, wear-resisting degree, it is easy to be scratched when using, wear and tear. When choosing the glazed ceramic, can take a piece of ceramic tile to draw another piece of ceramic tile, if arises easily scratch or scratches, recommend careful to buy. All glazed ceramic level is high in appearance, high grade, in decorating a budget sufficient family is a good choice!
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