Also think the bedroom shop sticks ceramic tile is too cold? Look at the four big advantage

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-07
Because ceramic tile is always cold impression to the person, ceramic tile more applications in the sitting room, kitchen and balcony decoration, the use of relatively less in the bedroom. But as the modern home decoration more and more diversified, and ceramic tile color texture, style and types of constantly enrich, ceramic tile in the bedroom decorate the adornment is becoming more and more popular. So, the bedroom shop sticks ceramic tile specific what are the advantages? First of all, the main bedroom is restful sleep personal illicit close space, decorate will pay more attention to highlight individual interest preference. Therefore, in the space of the bedroom atmosphere, need both the ease and individual character make public. With the development of the production technology of ceramic tile, ceramic tile is the design and color design is more and more rich, and texture on the surface of the ceramic tile design is more and more lifelike and vivid, smooth texture, can meet the demand of the bedroom beautiful sex and personalized decoration, reveals the unique charm. Secondly, the richness of ceramic tile, can suitable for contemporary and contracted style, Jane Europe style, new Chinese style style and so on a variety of different bedroom decorate a style, also let the whole style design and the collocation of the bedroom have more choice and more possible. For specific performance, the variety, specification, shape and texture of ceramic tile more diversified. Ceramic tile can easily navigate from imitation stone, imitation solid wood, imitation leather, carpet, the imitation, fake metal cloth, imitation of the cement ground, such as different color texture. And from the point of size, ceramic tile covers from 100 ㎜, 300 ㎜, 600 ㎜, to 800 ㎜, 1200 ㎜, 1800 ㎜, such as size, complete specifications, to adapt to different door model the bedroom decorate. Moreover, the bedroom shop sticks ceramic tile of strong practical performance. Ceramic tile with good abrasion resistance and skid resistance and dirt resistance, and easy to clean. Relative to the shop in the bedroom, wood floor, ceramic tile also has the good moistureproof and waterproof performance, not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, and can prevent insect antibacterial, high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity. Whether against the rainy weather and back to the south of southern moisture day, or cooperate with dry and cold in the north need to install the floor heating demand, ceramic tile in the bedroom is decorated in a distinct advantage. In addition, in the bedroom decorate material choice, the owners also more and more attention to environmental protection and health problems. Relative to the use of real wood floor and natural marble, ceramic tile, reduces the consumption of natural resources, at the same time of close to nature, more environmentally friendly. And many owners are worried about wood floor will volatilize harmful gas such as formaldehyde and toluene, and natural marble radiation problems. In recent years, with attention to the quality of life and healthy living, more owners in the bedroom in decorating, choose to use ceramic tile.
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