American ceramic tile renderings of the SPAR

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-20
About American ceramic tile renderings of the SPAR believe that most people are not very understanding, rendering of the SPAR with American ceramic tile for example, the following is for you to sort out some of American ceramic tile rendering the SPAR experience summary, hope these about the content of the ceramic tile super SPAR can help to you. The advantages and disadvantages of super SPAR ceramic tile? 1, super SPAR ceramic tile is between the glazed ceramic and microcrystalline a product, the price is not so expensive, microlite crystal and thicker than the full glazed ceramic, the effect will be better. Has wear-resisting antiskid and economical characteristic, wear resistance is better than the micro SPAR, the ratio of decorative texture microlite be better. Super SPAR ceramic tile is durable, wear-resisting, beautiful, good gloss, etc. 2, super SPAR is a new generation of microcrystalline upgrade products. Ordinary microcrystalline consists of body, glaze, vitreous body, through the secondary firing ( Is a glazing after burn, the second is melting block firing vitreous) 。 While the SPAR in addition to the body and glaze ( The ink jet printing technology) Outside, the surface is a layer of super crystal powder form of crystal, and is burnt at a time. So the body and glaze and fusion crystal surface height. Not only keep the noble sense of glittering and translucent connect fully, also achieve mohs hardness level 6 ( Bo changes a tile level) 。 To overcome the traditional microcrystalline low hardness, low wear resistance, easy to corrupt, easy to take off a layer leakage problem, application scope is more extensive. And a burnt to save a large amount of energy consumption, it is a great progress, low carbon energy saving more greatly reduced cost, and has a very high cost performance. Super SPAR ceramic tile to buy? A look at: the color of ceramic tile wants even, better surface finish and flatness, around the rules, the design is complete, pulled out a few pieces from the same packing, contrast color difference, deformation, defects such as lack of Angle and edge. 2: tap with good thing, the sound is ringing, the vitrified degree is higher, the better the quality. Can also be a corner left thumb and forefinger and middle finger clip ceramic tile, easily down, with his right hand index finger tapping the tile part, such as voice clear, sweet after taste, such as sound dull, turbidity is inferior. Three test: will water droplets on the back of ceramic tile, look out in the water after the infiltration speed, in general, the slower suction, show that the density of ceramic tile, the greater the quality, the better; On the contrary, the faster the water absorption, density is sparse, its quality is better than the former. Through the above introduction, believe everybody for super SPAR ceramic tile have enough understanding, hope everyone to buy super SPAR when ceramic tile can refer to the above opinions, well at the same time also hope that the above content can help you. Above is the small make up for everybody finishing some information about the American ceramic tile of the SPAR rendering, hope these data can help to the general owners in need.
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