American decorate wenqi plate of ceramic tile rendering

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-20
Of American ceramic tile decorating rendering wenqi board, many owners may not be familiar with, small make up recently happened to awareness of some of American ceramic tile decorating rendering wenqi plate materials, here for everybody introduction about American decoration of ceramic tile rendering wenqi board experience, hope to be able to help you. One, avoid lacquer board is what? Avoid lacquer board is a kind of can not apply the paint on the plate material can be decoration decorative materials, more concrete plank as: melamine board and ecological board, etc. , these are all belong to avoid lacquer board. Because the plank paint is not used, so also is very good to avoid because of unhealthy gases and carcinogens harm our health, lest paint plate very environmental protection and health. Wenqi webmaster if used in furniture manufacturing decorative materials, indoor decorative materials, and construction of decorative materials and so on. Second, avoid lacquer board type 1, the two sides in the joint board core board, then add melamine veneer wenqi plate type. Such wenqi plate are not environmental protection, and can not repeat a nail, the internal stress of because it is very uneven, so it will be easy to cause deformation. 2, three plywood wenqi plate joint core board base material. But this type of wenqi does board is easy to glue. 3, core plate and the plate, and then put the melamine decorative surface wenqi board. Though such wenqi plate agglutination is very high, the stability is very strong, but it will be very high to the requirement of construction technology. Article three convergent edge banding, PVC line card so-called convergent, I believe you also not strange, is to use a root and avoid lacquer board color consistent u-shaped card, card directly in the section of wenqi plate, at the same time with a free nail glue, to protect the beautiful. Card, of course, the convergent also has a problem, is the article card width is higher than that of plate, so in the later use, if do not pay attention to, will give the card side to hit, so when maintenance is more troublesome. And my friend's house carpenter master was in a convergent edge processing, not article card to deal with. Line to deal with, but with the PVC and the construction method, can use free nail glue, edge banding machine can also be used to deal with. Use this method to convergent, benefit is done, can flush and plank, so late is not easy to crashed. Feel this method is more practical. In the section of head at the same time, the teacher also used aluminium alloy to deal with the edge banding, then according to the overall home decorate a style, to the selected color. So after processing, can appear very high-end cabinet. Of course on the service life, than use wood line, too. It is to see my friend's house master this kind of treatment, their just know can do it, now it is very regret, blame it on their previous don't know, if know, will certainly to do so. In view of the above condition, made convergent processing line to avoid lacquer board, is indeed a very good method. In fact, about the sealing lines, there are a lot of material and the color of the the everybody when decorate, can go on the market, and then to choose according to need. About the master carpenter crafts this, of course, is also very important, because the master craftsmanship, will directly determine the effect after sealing side. So that, we also want to learn. Above is small make up for all sort of American ceramic tile decorating rendering wenqi board some of the data, you if in doubt can also login our website to query.
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