And wall rock, the brick tile appreciation

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-19
Perfect marble tile, ceramic tile is blank with roughly the same surface texture of marble tile upgrade products. In the body, color, texture and a great deal of function approximation quality natural stone strata effect. The whole tile from any Angle and any cutting methods can achieve perfect texture rendering, make products to be close to nature, ready to enjoy nature embrace. And 'and wall rock, connect body', reappear the rare and precious marble texture with pure natural texture, fusion of modern technology in the traditional artistic atmosphere and style, to create a belongs to customize the living space. Originated in northern Italy the belgae covered mountains are extremely rare Orobico ( Mr. Bick) Marble stone. Tripping regular texture of various rock ore, a thread of silk, free draw the outline of the nature of various style, combines natural deep low charm and modern luxury contracted, aesthetic feeling is self-evident. Tintoretto colors fantasy painting characteristic, is unique among factions of Venice. Products like painting with paint covering power full performance, rich colors, strong ZhiGanXing, colour, line and surface as the texture design inspiration. The pure elegant pure white background, dimly discernible clever gray line grain flowing around them, or deep or shallow, soft, light, draw a picture of the abstract xieyi painting, natural, beautiful, comfortable writing engraved space. Ancient refining rare elegant grey stone out of the ashes, hazel ravines texture grows in ash, strewn at random have the unusual. Flocculent white powder grain into grey, compatible, you don't speak, deducing the rigid-flexible economic comfortable and romantic. And wall rock, the tile tiles, veins connected, natural and choi, patches of stand the test a variety of unique, is your best choice
need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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