And wall rock, the brick tile unlock the minimalist aesthetic application effect

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-20
And wall rock, the brick tile into the modern people to nature yearning and pursuit of life, to the ceramic tile of natural mellow texture with enron's artistic conception, show in front of us. Let us feel the natural beauty, appreciate the charm of its nature. With people's aesthetic view change, a new kind of ceramic tile floor tile light luxury consumption culture is happening around us and affect people's consumption idea ceramic tile, slowly because of this, connect body marble tiles after repeated scrutiny on product design, combined with the marble and the excellent properties of the glazed ceramic tile ceramic tile, the above two. Ceramic more humanized design concept with rich's creative aesthetic ideas into and wall rock, the tile tiles. 'And wall rock, connect body' ceramic tile floor tile respect delicate life, the embodiment of life attitude in your mind. A, and wall rock, connect body to metope ceramic tile application effect and wall rock, the brick tile | TPACM80 - 1502 tintoretto 800 x 800 mm and wall rock, connect body to metope ceramic tile is a work of art, to bring people the feeling of luxury, personality. In the home is not abrupt, well integrated with other soft outfit. Second, and wall rock, rendering the brick tile desktop application and wall rock, connect body | TPACM80 - Caesar white 800 x 800 mm 1503 believe that the vast majority of consumers consider this problem before decorate in the ceramic tile floor tile: - - Decorate what parts to better highlight ceramic tile floor tile decoration style? Different people have different answers to the questions that the designer can say the space layout, color mixing, it is suggested that outstanding decorate a style to actually ceramic tile product selection is important one annulus. '800 x 800 mm and wall rock, the brick' to a more open field of vision, look and feel more fully, can fully meet the modern consumer the rigid demand for household decoration. And wall rock, connect body | TPACM80 - 1501 Mr. Bick ash 800 x 800 mm people like the beauty of nature, because this is the beauty of nature will always give a person a kind of shock, can make you feel a surging vitality, as if an invisible hand, in the heavens and the earth, for brushes, on the plain color, let a person enchanted arc. Three, and wall rock, perfect application of ceramic tile ambry rendering and wall rock, connect body | TPACM80 - 1504 ancient grey 800 x 800 mm in the brick popular trend in the ceramic tile, marble, focused more on the texture is met and wall rock, the brick tile as yu boya son period of perfect fusion, deep but do not break inside collect stone in household space is a reflection of acme play. And wall rock, the tile tile is natural stone material research and development, with the appearance of the 'real' stone, at the same time, it is not a true stone. In the preservation of the natural transition mining at the same time, also can let consumers enjoy true stone decoration atmosphere. Not only meet the requirements of various style design, in domestic outfit collocation and colorful variety of home decorations, multiple advantages superior to that of natural stone.
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