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Application and selection of fine decoration ceramic tiles in residential area

Application and selection of fine decoration ceramic tiles in residential area


With the influence of the country's relevant real estate policies, more and more relocation houses and houses have been put into use. This also includes the low-rent housing of government departments, so how to choose these tiles, let's introduce it below.

First of all, the floor tiles are generally applicable to these places. According to the material, they are divided into polished tiles, semi-glazed tiles, and fully polished glazed tiles.

1. Polished tiles, generally white and yellow, are characterized by high hardness, strong wear resistance and good surface brightness. The price is relatively suitable for easy paving. It is also the most widely used product.

2. Semi-porcelain glazed tiles, including wear-resistant tiles, printed tiles, and high-absorption antique tiles. This type of tile has the most obvious price advantage and is the cheapest finished tile. Wear-resistant, non-slip and cheap is his main advantage. Fully polished glaze, colorful and colorful, strong surface brightness, high cost, suitable for higher positioning projects. Wall ceramics tiles are generally applicable to these places. Obviously, the smaller the wall tiles, the cheaper. Nowadays, the more commonly used specifications are the colorful and colorful wall tiles. The amount of work is large. The pattern can be customized. The general colors are light white, marble, and holes. Stone color is mainly used.

The community is gradually beginning to finish and hand over the house, so what kind of ceramic tiles are suitable for fine decoration, let us introduce.

Polished tiles are generally divided into double-layer polished tiles and whole body polished tiles. Double-layer polished tiles consist of fabric and base material. Generally, the whiteness of the fabric is better and the base material is darker. The double-layer polished tiles are affordable and suitable for public parts of the community. The whole body polished tiles are actually made of two fabrics, but the whiteness of the base blank is very white, which is similar to or the same as the whiteness of the fabric, and it looks like one from the side. So it is commonly known as the whole body polished tile. Whole body polished tiles are more suitable for district hardcover. The whole body polished tiles are better than ordinary polished tiles in terms of whiteness, hardness, abrasion resistance, vitrification degree, and density. More suitable for fine decoration.

Polished glazed tiles include diamond marble, full-body marble, negative ion marble, soft-light marble, mutton jade, etc., with more patterns and patterns, which are more suitable for fine decoration of residential areas, and have better sideline effects.

The hard-covered kitchen and bathroom wall tiles in the community now generally choose 300*600 internal wall tiles, and a few construction companies use 300*800 wall tiles, which are slightly more expensive. The small floor tiles in the bathroom are generally matched with the wall tiles.

Community purchases are generally bulk purchases, like polished glazed tiles and interior wall tiles belong to the inkjet series, so the pattern and color can be customized. The pattern and color can achieve more than 90% similarity.

Overland Ceramics has introduced advanced production equipment and unique production technology, and the products produced have high-level gloss, not only wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, moisture-proof, non-slip characteristics, but also environmentally friendly. The product has high flexural and compressive strength, specifications and standards are easy to pave, bright and smooth, and the color is bright and consistent, without any peculiar smell, non-toxic, and non-radiation.

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