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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-13
When be being decorated, a lot of people like to walk in ceramic tile, to decorate the effect is more a class, but as he as a proper noun tile a lot of people don't understand, we this period is a science, I hope it can help you! ( Walking and ceramic tile) So-called as ceramic tile, it is not difficult to understand a single from the point of view of decoration is in ceramic tile intercropping waveguide line, its main function is the alternation between the relatively large ceramic tile, ceramic tile to avoid appear drab, but according to the size of the tile is different, the width of the transmission line also has the difference, such as one of the most common transmission line width between the ceramic tile of 800 * 800 around 150 mm, and common in decorating waveguide line width minimum not less than 100 mm, the largest and not less than 250 mm. In addition some transmission line are the ceramic tile color deeper, also have special waveguide line spelling a flower, you can try in stateroom the ground with a small circle of ceramic tile do spelling a flower a transmission line, let originally drab negative ceramic tile appear more handsome and rich administrative levels feels. If your house is big enough, the area of the sitting room area is large enough, also only needs to be done in the middle of the sitting room a circle waveguide line will appear very monotonous, this time is the best practice in online do a waveguide wall ceramic tile, is a place near the wall and the line that play a base to choose the same color of ceramic tile, ceramic tile and had better choose brunet, so can give most of the ceramic tile ground, appear even more have administrative levels feeling, the whole looked very nice. Stick after ceramic tile to make ceramic tile is, of course, look better, and prevent the dirty stuff away into the gaps between the ceramic tile, damage to the ceramic tile, decorate the master on the seam of the ceramic tile processing, combined with the transmission line will be more good-looking. For this kind of construction method, might as well can try if you like them, the effect is really good. So if you want to make you perfect ceramic tile shop sticks the effect is much better, as it is necessary, if you want to know more about ceramic tile decoration content information welcome continue to pay attention to our European brunei's official website! Finally thank you for watching! See you next time! ( Walking and ceramic tile)
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