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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-22
Friend want to open a ceramic tile napa stores have owner, DMS is small make up want to know about the ceramic tile market prospects, small make up some, sharing out friends make a reference to the owner, want to give friends provide some help. ( Ceramic tile prospects) Enveloped in the global outbreak, domestic industries commonly affected, but the total of 5 trillion yuan of national infrastructure investment plan for building materials industry in a relatively long period of time will play a great role in promoting, especially for the building materials industry drive obviously, from the industry perspective, building materials industry has great advantage in the the financial crisis. The boom of the building materials industry keeps, industry concentration is expected to improve in the future. Due to China's current investment in fixed assets remains high & ndash; — Although the investment growth fell back faster is a real estate investment and industrial investment, but the construction of infrastructure investment demand for cement and other building materials is still very obvious. Because China in such aspects as raw materials, labor has a comparative advantage, in recent years, China's ceramic industry has developed rapidly, continued to expand production capacity, has become the world's largest producer of tile of pottery and porcelain. In 2018, our ceramic tile production capacity of 10. 8 billion square meters; By 2019, the ceramic tile production capacity of 14. 8 billion square meters. Forward-looking industry research institute ', 2018 - Production and marketing demand in China in 2023 ceramic tile industry and market analysis report, with the increase of ceramic tile consumption, 2011 - In 2016, the China building ceramics sales also rising over the scale. More than 2017, the scale building ceramics sales of 322. 3 billion yuan. To 2019, the size of the above building ceramics sales rose to 521. 6 billion yuan, increased by 61. 8%. The housing slump will continue for a period of time, corresponding to the building materials industry overcapacity is obvious, also will certainly with the downturn, and gradually eliminate the excess capacity, this is a painful process, may last for years or even more than a decade. But, after all, China's economic dimension on this, China's urban process also has not been completed, and we have hundreds of million of migrant workers haven't really settled down in the city, at the same time two child policy open for real estate in the future will gradually increase. Ceramic tile industry product demand has been into a period of micro growth at present. Along with the advancement of urbanization, the construction industry in our country large-scale construction will also maintain a certain amount, the demand for ceramic tile is larger, but overall growth. In addition, with the continuous upgrading of consumption structure and residents for improving the quality of the life, and the market for ceramic tile industry put forward higher requirements on product quality, high cost performance will gradually increase the proportion of the ceramic tile product demand. At the same time, along with the national environmental protection policies is released and the improvement of people environmental protection consciousness, green ceramic tile market share will also be improved. Overall, I think that in such circumstances, the ceramic tile industry in the future after a painful period of elimination capacity. However, China's huge market still can support some of the excellent enterprises to survive, and, since the competition will push China's ceramic industry towards the direction of more sophisticated. The ceramic industry in China in the future will continue to maintain the leading position of the world, and not just lead on capacity, in such aspects as technology, quality, brand will gradually beyond the traditional ceramic production big country in Europe. Is small make up know sorting out some of the above, some content about ceramic tile market prospects, hope to have a friend need to share. ( Ceramic tile prospects)
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