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Bathroom with marble tiles

Bathroom with marble tiles


For most families, the light in the bathroom is not very good. In order to make the bathroom look more spacious, the first-line marble tile brand recommends that you can decorate the bathroom with white marble tiles, which can not only cope with the wet bathroom The environment can also make the bathroom space look larger visually.

The wall of the bathroom is covered with marble tiles, which can effectively enhance the brightness of the entire bathroom, with distinctive textures, and also adds vividness to the bathroom, which is no longer a simple boring atmosphere. The white marble tiles match black and white sanitary ware, which looks simple and stylish.

You can choose to lay different marble tiles on the ground, such as black and gray, which can make the bathroom more layered, more artistic, and full of artistic flavor. The bathroom is matched with white marble tiles. Whether it is the shower area or the bathtub, it doesn't look too crowded, just right.

The first-line brand of marble tiles pays attention to the texture, color and texture of the tiles, bringing new design elements to the home life, so that your home can meet the design needs of whether it is a large living room or a small space in the bathroom, creating a comfortable, healthy and green life!

The color of the bathroom wall and floor tiles is like this, stylish and practical!

For bathroom decoration, most families will choose to affix ceramic tiles. The bathroom is relatively damp, and the tiles are better than other materials in terms of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-fouling, and anti-mildew. Today, ceramic tile manufacturers will share with you little knowledge about the color matching of bathroom wall and floor tiles, hoping to provide references for decoration friends.

1. There should not be too many colors and types of tiles in the same space.

At present, there are many colors and types of tiles on the market, but you should not buy tiles and colors of various styles because of the large number of choices. Too many, it will appear chaotic. The simple style is a decoration style that has been sought after in recent years. The simplicity has its own charm, and the choice is relatively simple.

2. When choosing gray or black, pay attention to the matching of lights.

Gray and black, as a kind of stable, mysterious, high-fashion color, are often used in home design, and they are also common in the bathroom. However, these two colors will make the space relatively dim, unlike white and some warm colors that appear spacious and bright. Therefore, in the lighting design, we must pay attention to the pursuit of better matching.

3. The color of the wall and floor tiles should be the same or lighter on top and darker on the bottom.

Tile manufacturers believe that it is more appropriate for the bathroom wall and floor tiles to have the same color or lighter top and bottom. With this kind of color matching, the overall space will be more harmonious and beautiful, and avoid "top-heavy" and cause visual awkwardness.

4. Do not use tiles or flowers in a large area.

Tiles and flowers are not suitable for large-scale use in a relatively small bathroom. They can be used as a space decoration. Too many will appear messy, and will also produce a sense of dizziness in the vision, which makes people feel uncomfortable.

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