Beauty is to connect ceramic tile seam an agent role

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-20
At ordinary times in life, a lot of owner like ceramic tile aperture as small as possible, decorate most of the time is the choice of this is a myth, and the influence of the error is pretty big. Such a very direct very 1 year after the worst result is that many people in the drum cracking ceramic tile. Have any experience in this problem, the Lao shifu said: & other; Wherever ceramic tile shop, all must leave a gap between ceramic tile. Or is likely to be under the action of heat bilges cold shrink, cause tile mutual extrusion rupture. ” 。 Therefore, in the operation of ceramic tile, will pay attention to keep the gap, this is very important. The effect of the seam an agent 1. So, how much the gap whether to stay? 600 * 600 bo changes a brick, glazed ceramic or polishing tile, such as crack is about 1 to one point five mm, 800 * 800 ceramic tile is between one point five to 2 mm, and the aperture of archaize brick for 3 to 5 mm, usually in general situation is like this. Then, we talk about the beauty of ceramic tile seam an agent role is to connect, protect the ceramic tile not bump, and this is necessary in life, the other is beautiful seam also won't affect the floor heating radiator, because the heat is transmitted through ceramic tile, and it doesn't matter, we each want to grasp the situation. 2. In addition, remember to stay between ceramic tile seam can do the seam. “ On the seam an agent won't extruded ceramic tile? ” , someone will ask. And if I open the floor heating, high temperature baking, will not change? Actually, so it is not true. Because, in general the beauty of the seam an agent can heat, extensibility is also very good, so it is very necessary to pay attention to this.
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