Big board table - The breakthrough tradition, along with the gender is the real meaning of big board

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-17
If asked to build TaoXingYe in recent years the favorite, what is the most popular star products, believe that the answer is - — Ceramic plate ( Referred to as the 'big board') 。 Since 2016 in bologna exhibition dongfeng since its emergence in China, big board has been built TaoXingYe 'hot topics' and companies with big board, in addition to follow the trend, to show strong strength of the enterprise. Large size, large space big plate to extend space, expand the visual space; Big board contracted the shop is stuck, causing fatigue break through the traditional specification ceramic tile; Nature along with the gender, modern luxury, Jane was deeply loved by consumers. Most consumers think big board can only be the shop is stuck in the large space, however, this is a wrong perception, big board application range, small floor space large plate, it will enlarge a space visual perception. The same space, the conventional ceramic tile is far greater than the number of the shop is stuck big plate of ceramic tile, the former is shown slightly multifarious encumbrance, the latter contracted and the atmosphere. Product application: TPG1890201 product application: TPG1890154 easy cutting, application of the plate as a piece of cloth, let the tailor's space more and more imagination into full play. Big board besides can be applied to the ground, metope tile, also can pass the late cutting processing into a variety of decoration and furniture, such as tables and chairs, screens, designers can cut freely according to the design requirements. After cutting, processing of ceramic tile more sense of design, design for designers to provide a broader space. Product application: TPG1890141 product application: TPG1890200 in individualized era, we are no longer traditional definition big board is synonymous with large space is not only small space innovators may but can small is the real meaning of big board watched the article recommended: life sense of ceremony, starting from the big board table
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