Big plate of ceramic tile strength advantages have?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-08-16
As the ceramic tile of consumer market grows, people demand for ceramic tile domestic brands have pay attention to functional by the previous single, extends to the level of both fashion and appearance! Big plate of ceramic tile, with its unique advantages became a star in the environment, break the monotony of static, with ever changing strength create infinite imagination for the tide household! 1, big plate of ceramic tile specifications is bigger, the visual impact is strong, large size of ceramic tile shop is stuck, make the space more spacious atmosphere, the gauge size is far greater than the number of ceramic tile shop sticks big plate of ceramic tile, and large size ceramic tile broke the burden brought about by the visual fatigue. With contracted outline of outstanding household atmosphere airily grade. 2, less big plate of ceramic tile juncture, reduce shelter evil people and practices, are more likely to clean: 'seamless link' is a big plate of ceramic tile the difference between the conventional ceramic tile is one of the most obvious characteristics. Everyone is in pursuit of simplicity, large size shop sticks ceramic tile of the ground can minimize the collage, simplicity for the space points. 3, big plate of ceramic tile technical requirements higher, more environmentally friendly: big plate of ceramic tile specification, so its production standards relative to the requirements of general specification of ceramic tile is higher, the requirement for high production standards. Because it is the characteristics of light, thin, compared with ordinary specification ceramic tile, the use of raw materials and energy per unit area is relatively less, so more in line with the concept of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction. 4, the big plate texture smooth ceramic tile more vivid: big plate of ceramic tile has a coherent whole, the characteristics of good extension. In both the public space and household space performance competently. Not only on the visual effect is more vivid, and the pattern is large, high resolution, levels of diverse and sophisticated, real reduction of natural marble texture, texture and shape of fluid, flowing between a center into a natural feelings, convey a kind to return uncut jade to put in attitude towards life. 5, big plate of ceramic tile cutting inspiration as freedom: the size of the big board with greater breakthrough the limitations of design, as creation, has been favored by designers. 6, big plate of ceramic tile 'variable' create infinite imagination: in addition, from indoor ground shop ceramic tile on the background wall application, the application of large size ceramic tile space becomes slowly, and now more quickly into the space of hutch defends and mesa adornment material such as daily household is decorated in, more ideas through clever collocation was born. 1. Big board floor tile floor rendering: tension and administrative levels, different simple lines to promote space flowing feeling vividly the ground 2. Big board wall tile tile background rendering: as the core of the whole household area, TV setting wall is the visual center of the whole space. The setting wall of a well is like a punchline, texture and changeable with one side big board on the wall directly the shop is stuck, simple operations improve aesthetic one pace reachs the designated position. 3. Ceramic tile big board table rendering: ceramic tile big board table is permeated with the breath of natural texture, embodies the more leisurely. 4. Big plate of ceramic tile shop cabinet put oneself in another's position, stick renderings: pay more attention to contemporary and contracted style space is fluent and capacious, don't like too multifarious furniture put, door of cupboard of the same with the ground, will receive a hidden cabinet put oneself in another's position in the whole space, all with contracted give priority to tone. In the kitchen of easy accumulation of dirt, a chance to give a taste of the characteristics of easy clean huo has permeated with the breath of natural texture, added a few leisurely to the happy time together. In short, the big plate is not only meet the needs of a variety of ceramic tile ceramic tile, redefined our household lives, even big plate of ceramic tile is worthy of 'hundreds of variable'. We will continue to explore big plate of ceramic tile changed potential, breakthrough the limitations of space applications, ceramic tile for the tide household create infinite imagination. See the article recommended: big board table - The breakthrough tradition, along with the gender is the real meaning of big board
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