Brick joints of the cross, do you understand?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-10
Ceramic tile is dozens of natural raw materials by the high temperature burn becomes ceramic products, its physical performance and chemical performance is stable and can be widely used in different space in the home. Many owners find ceramic tile products, found no problem, but after the shop is stuck is a variety of quality problems. That how to ensure that after shop sticks ceramic tile safe? At this time of ceramic tile cross, has played a unique role. A function of ceramic tile, ceramic tile cross the cross is in the process of shop sticks ceramic tile, used to adjust the size of ceramic tile aperture plastic products. Use the cross not only can improve the efficiency of ceramic tile shop is stuck, and has greatly increased the gap between the precision. Second, the ceramic tile of the characteristics of the cross the cross which are frequently used in the building materials market are made of HDPE material, color is ivory, has good toughness, strong tension, avirulent environmental protection, no peculiar smell, wet resistance to chemical resistance and other properties. Ordinary ceramic tile aperture is usually 1 ~ 2 mm, antique glazed tile that is need for 2. 5 ~ 5 mm seam, a few small ceramic tile, in order for unity to be beautiful, aperture design will be bigger. Three, the dosage of the ceramic tile cross in principle, the cross of a piece of tile with a 5 mm, in ceramic tile solidification can be removed before using again, a cross generally can be recycled at least three times, so I can save some unnecessary cost. 3 mm and 2 mm ceramic tile ceramic tile to cross completely dry before can be removed, otherwise easy to shift the ceramic tile, cohesive force, so it is difficult to reuse. More practice is directly caulking, fill out seam can't see hidden in the inside of the cross. Four commonly used specifications, ceramic tile cross width 1. 0毫米,1。 5 mm, used for polishing brick or bright brick; The width of the 2. 0 mm for wall brick; The width of the 2. 5毫米,3。 0 mm for small size ceramic tile; The width of the 4. 0mm、5. 0mm、6. 0 mm for medium-sized specification ceramic tile; The width of 8. 0mm、10. 0 mm for large size ceramic tile and brick of outdoor. Five, must use the cross case 1, the ceramic tile will change with the temperature and heat bilges cold shrink, ceramic tile can ballooning in hot weather, easy to squeeze together, and lead to empty drum ceramic tile late even falls off phenomenon. So ceramic tile need aperture, and the cross is the seam is the best tools. 2, ceramic tile is the mechanization of production, in the process of production there will be a reasonable size error, workers in the shop is stuck, if you don't use cross line will not be able to do precise effect between ceramic tile, ceramic tile skewed space is decorated is undoubtedly the Achilles' heel. 3, use the cross when the shop is stuck, can speed up the construction process, need not worry too much about ceramic tile is not straight, save time and effort. Don't belittle cross the small items, they are absolutely construction good helper, want to ceramic tile shop is stuck fast and effect beautiful, cross the role of nots allow to ignore.
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