Bridal chamber to formaldehyde bug is ok?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-18
Formaldehyde as a kind of high toxic substances, short-term exposure can produce hot eyes, respiratory allergic symptoms, such as long-term exposure can increase the risk of cancer. A lot of people can't immediately after decoration, because of concerns about the house that new clothes builds will release formaldehyde, in order to shorten the time of ventilation, into more small home at an early date, many people will try to there is a lot of friends in addition to the aldehyde solution ~ what grapefruit skin, white vinegar, black tea together, the earth really useful way? Removal methods of formaldehyde as a gas, except the following: 1. Open a window ventilated, by using the method of ventilation is to reduce the formaldehyde content in primary make indoor airiness rise which reduces the indoor harmful substance content, this method not only save money and more environmental protection, is everybody to use more. 2. Physical adsorption activated carbon, activated carbon drugs of internationally recognized experts, activated carbon masks, gas masks are using activated carbon. General special room package is to use the physical properties of activated carbon to deodorant, detoxifcation, without any chemical additives, to person is of no effect. Every house in two to three dish, 72 hours can clean basic indoor peculiar smell. Maya: the Maya blue for nanoscale molecular adsorption force strong, also have selective appeal to polar molecules. And formaldehyde is a kind of nanoscale diameter polar gas compounds, the harm of polar gas compounds is bigger than nonpolar poison, so the Maya blue in this unique super adsorption characteristics of very valuable. 3. Optical principle to formaldehyde photocatalytic decomposition method because of containing catalyst under the stimulus of light and oxygen and water to generate negative ions and hydrogen and oxygen free radicals, these substances can oxidative decomposition of pollutants such as formaldehyde, generates carbon dioxide, water and appropriate harmless substance, such as acid to purify airy action. 4. Plants absorb plants to taste method can remove formaldehyde smell, give you a warm and healthy environment ~ cactus, bracketplant, ivy is people's first choice. Note that this method is only applicable to low formaldehyde pollution in general, and there is no evidence to suggest that plants can absorb formaldehyde, really everybody can combine physical or decomposition method to use. 5. Folk soil method of black tea soak in hot water, cold water to join the vinegar or pomelo peel orange peel method can partly remove formaldehyde gas such as pungent feeling, but the cover solution is like perfume take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure. In fact, the house had just finished decorating, not clear whether formaldehyde exceeds bid, can ask professional testing institutions after comprehensive testing, all standard Fang Kere live.
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