Brunet with light color brick, brick tile designs and how to choose?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-16
Color can not only bring personality fashion visual impact, and very important for household space overall ambience. At the same time, with the rapid growth of young owner consumption market in home outfit, they pay more attention to the application of the diversified colour is decorated in the family. And ceramic tile is in large area wall ground brick of hard material, the color tone laid the household. When planning household colour, first consider ceramic tile design and color choice. Design and color ceramic tile is very rich, however, many owners to dark, light color ceramic tile ceramic tile should be how to undertake collocation and application, somewhat confused. Then, according to different household space, ceramic tile design and color is how to choose, how to match? Before the ceramic tile of choose and buy, can consider the owner of the depth of the ceramic tile color collocation, can be classified as more thoughts and ideas, is also very careful decoration design of the house of his future. However, it is difficult to directly answer out the design and color of ceramic tile should choose to dark or light color more good-looking. Because, a ceramic tile to choose design and color, must be from the actual situation of their family is decorated, in accordance with the integral style decoration, family size, whole is tonal undertake collocation, light intensity, etc. Next, we introduce individually decomposition, specifically how to operate. As a first step, make sure the whole decorate a style in the home, is a new Chinese style style, boreal Europe style or a small beautiful style, or other household style. New Chinese style style and suitable with quietly elegant or modern Nordic light color ceramic tile, little beauty of style restoring ancient ways can match with the texture of brunet ceramic tile. The second step is to consider home family size. If family is big, and prefer composed of heavy feeling, can use brunet ceramic tile. If the small family model, give priority to light color ceramic tile, can extend the space on the vision, unapt appear too crowded repressed. The third step, in combination with household indoor light intensity. The effect of reflection of light from the light color ceramic tile is better, help to improve the indoor daylighting situation, increase brightness. Brunet ceramic tile of the reflective effect is weak, if the original is poorer, indoor light will appear inside the home more dark. The fourth step, planned overall household tonal collocation, consider mainly furniture, household appliances, such as soft outfit colour collocation of the late. The owner, especially going to buy a dark wooden furniture when choosing the design and color of ceramic tile, you should avoid to choose brunet ceramic tile. Although the step is simple, but need to be considerate. Mastering the above four steps, don't have to worry about don't know how to choose the depth color of ceramic tile!
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