Building materials industry: what's the matter?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-14
Before a paper entitled 'China building TaoXingYe facing global collapse, suppliers, Banks, small goods company was down', in WeChat maxed out my circle of friends, many ceramic building materials industry participants. So the spread of fast, is really damage the ceramic tile with building materials industry to the outside world. Obviously, these articles, it is groundless and unrealistic hearsay, without a certain amount of research. 。 Industry capacity billions of one hundred square meters, the market demand to the nine billion - square - meter under the present situation of excess production capacity, supply and demand imbalance; Countries highly pertinent environmental regulations ( The thickness of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile production emissions standard) Is eyeing a clampdown and highly effective environmental protection; Major areas of many building materials enterprise is difficult; Anti-dumping is ceramic tile export country, foreign market is shrinking; Yes, the construction industry, the situation is not optimistic, 'building materials enterprises will fail a third, even 1/2' industry reshuffle era, in the near future, because there are some management problems with money fail closed ceramics enterprises will be 'up' in the industry. In such severe situation, called for each big industry: refused to spread rumors, despise the industry situation, holding the panic mentality of the industry, industry reshuffle era each big industry in the face of human rights, business failures, the phenomenon of mergers between companies. Such as the 'China will build TaoXingYe global meltdown' information, we should stand in the perspective of industry to ignore; For each big industry situation of serious, not too optimistic and too speak, don't panic, ceramic industry will eventually return to rational development track. The workers rights protection, the objective phenomenon, business failures, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and other industry to face to accept, this is the building materials industry under the market spontaneous behavior of what will happen to the industrial structure optimization. Nowadays, building materials industry is 'big' potential performance! Failed to stop the daqin empire history 'and' China and the northern and southern dynasties, five dynasties and ten states, 'points' the inevitable trend of China's history and stop the China building materials industry around slowly from foshan 'points' to other provinces, formed to foshan as the center, zibo, gaoan, branching channel, jinjiang, library and other building materials production situation of China's ceramic industry 'balkanization'; History can't change more now building materials industry overcapacity, the vicious cycle of real estate recession, low price competition of the market spontaneous adjustment and national environmental protection loehr, production threshold, adjustment of building materials industry, building materials industry brought by the backward production capacity from the industry scene, large ceramic enterprise merger integration of small and medium-sized ceramic enterprises, large-scale ceramic enterprise and medium-sized ceramic enterprises 'shandong fit', the major production areas of refinement thin body of 'close'. The world since ancient times is 'the long period of division, close long will points', people should understand building materials industry. Cake when it is ceramic industry 'beginning', foshan, a region also can't satisfy the reform and opening up the real estate boom brought about by the market demand for ceramic tile product, contented industry all over the world must according to the medium local tyrants, the middle class, the urban demand elimination of different class, rural civilians, civilians and the attraction of the consumption area and production area of radiation, divided into many different levels of production areas, many different levels of ceramic enterprises, many different levels of brand. 'Points' for a long time, the region between the infighting between melee, scuffles between enterprises, brand, low price, small profits, product homogeneity, production imbalance problem drove profession benign development, objective laws are bound to come out in the auxiliary is a melee Chinese ceramic industry, eliminate backward production capacity, reasonable product price system, production areas, industrial upgrading, production technical level to upgrade the industrial structure of the ceramic industry bottom-up big optimization trend of 'close' is the trend of The Times, people oriented. Revolution is always bleed, ceramic industry big optimization, integration and there will always be shed, the underdog, these 'other', such as ceramic enterprise, also including the future to be part of the back pay, be unemployed ceramic practitioners. China's ceramic industry will continue to play, let more people to make money, regardless of the enterprise, the media, will have to be notarized view of business failures, unpaid wages, workers' rights. Now basically all walks of life are very difficult, make the collapse of the lost, this is the state, society level, blood dripping wet is not only a ceramic industry. We need positive to accept ceramic business failures, back pay, pull banners, road and other industries blocked a positive view of the industry reshuffle. The Internet age, we have to polish his clattering Venus, despite the era of information explosion, it is difficult to distinguish what is true science, which is the science of pseudo, agree or disagree, but the views of our own clear, should make their own choices. Just, such as from the title as radical, make out a magnifying glass with no amplification content of truth. Therefore, we must again called for each big industry people: refused to spread rumours, against the industry situation, the panic mentality see industry; To face up to industry reshuffle era ceramic people rights, business failures, corporate mergers and acquisitions between the phenomenon.
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