Buy a brick body brick, polished tile and glazed ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-05
Whether in the outdoor or indoor, ceramic tile has been used in the field of architectural decoration is very common, people have become common in daily life and work. However because the category is numerous, ceramic tile in the large category and further subdivision category are derived from the inside. So, the home installs easily confused, when consumer is buying resolution is not clear that the ceramic tile of different category and its characteristics. Therefore, we suggest that is going to do your homework before the choose and buy, watch is & other Fool & throughout; 。 Ceramic tile is there are many different kinds of segmentation, but apart from merchants to marketing purposely set up all sorts of multifarious name, return to the characteristics and nature of the ceramic tile, ceramic tile can usually be divided into the brick, polished tile, glazed ceramic tiles, marble tiles, microcrystal, archaize brick, wood grain brick, ceramics and art, and so on. Next, we distinguish one by one to understand their respective characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. Connect body brick to connect body brick is a kind of ceramic tile, very early than polished tile and glazed ceramic tile to be earlier. Its level of production technology in domestic is quite mature and systematic. Have body brick & other; The most hard throughout the ceramic tile &; , so its stiffness is very good. In addition, & other; The brick & throughout; Color is also one of the major characteristics, design and color from the inside out,, no matter how cutting will not affect adornment effect. However, design and color is less, design flexibility is poor, and light sensitivity low and its inherent disadvantages. Polishing brick of polishing brick in a certain extent, improved the brick. Polishing brick used in the production process is similar to connect body brick, the difference is that increased the polishing process, so the name for & other; Polishing brick & throughout; 。 After grinding and polishing of ceramic tile surface, effectively promoted the smoothness and brightness of polishing brick. Its defect is mainly to bear or endure dirty anti-fouling, produced by the ceramic tile surface after polishing the imperceptible to the naked eye small pores, easy dirty, and clean up more troublesome. Although the practical performance of body brick glazed ceramic brick, improved after polishing brick, strengthened; But questions about the design and color is single and haven't been solved fundamentally. The glazed ceramic tile was born. Glazed ceramic tile, threw the glaze and half is divided into the glaze, is in the process of production to join the glaze high temperature. And, its design and color is no longer dependent on the body, but the printing processing, can be more flexible to design pattern texture. This makes the design and color of ceramic tile have more possible. But easy to scratched the surface of the glazed ceramic tile glaze layer wear. Through the above introduction, believe everybody to connect body brick, polished tile and glazed ceramic tile has a certain understanding, to the basic distinction between their respective advantages and disadvantages. The next issue, we will continue to introduce marble tiles, microcrystal and relevant knowledge of archaize brick.
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