Buy a brick of marble tiles, microcrystal and archaize brick

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-02
Buy building materials, we are often plagued by ceramic tile don't know what to choose. As the saying goes, & other; Choose more important than efforts throughout the &; 。 Ceramic tile of choose and buy is wrong, in the construction of the shop is stuck is hard to recover, and will in the later buried more hidden trouble in family life. Therefore, before you want to buy ceramic tile, but also need to know is what kind of ceramic tile, what have their respective characteristics. Archaize brick in the first phase, we introduced the brick, polishing brick, and the advantages and disadvantages of glazed ceramic tiles. In the ceramic tile market, these 3 kinds of ceramic tile is almost half the. But beyond that, marble tiles, microcrystal and archaize brick on its own unique advantages in adornment effect, practical performance, also won quite a part owner's favour, have their own stable market share. Marble marble ceramic tile ceramic tile with other ceramic tile is incomparable adornment effect and simple sense, at the same time has a natural marble doesn't have superior practical. With the mature production technology and technology, the marble tile is lifelike, reduction of design and color of natural stone texture, do more than a stone surface, everything is different, but will not have off color. This is also the most owners of relish. In addition, it also has the environmental protection, no radiation, bibulous rate is low, be able to bear or endure dirty, excellent corrosion resistance, not easy to seep the unclean Tibetan characteristics. White microcrystalline microcrystalline ceramic tile, popular understanding is added layers of microcrystalline glass surface of ceramic tile, earlier than eight years ago has been on the market, also once & other; Martial arts & throughout; And show no two. However, it quickly & other; The decline of & throughout; Is not an accident. Although microlite adornment effect is luxurious atmosphere, glossiness is quite high, with glittering and translucent get rid of to describe no too. But its high price, and it's too easy to wear scratched, defect is obvious. At present, microlite mostly used on wall or background wall. Archaize brick, relatively consumers should understand and know more of archaize brick. Archaize brick adornment effect is the same, whether do old antique, or slightly vicissitudes of literature and art, always, and very suitable for the fresh rural style, as well as the classic lasting appeal of Chinese style style, European style, new Chinese style style and American style. In practical terms of performance, it has prevent slippery, wear-resisting, visual features such as soft. Archaize brick surface, however, if a stain, it is difficult to clean up, so does not share in the kitchen of heavy oil. In a sense, connect body brick, polished tile and glazed ceramic tile can be & other; Basis & throughout; Brick, marble tiles, microcrystal and archaize brick is & other; Throughout the evolution &; Brick, is not the same as the focus. When the choose and buy, according to the actual need to make a comprehensive comparison in decorating, judgment and choice, both beautiful and practical.
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