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Buying bedroom tiles can't be careless

Buying bedroom tiles can't be careless


Ceramic tile is a product with both practicality and aesthetics. It can be widely used in various spaces. So how to choose tile paving as a resting bedroom? Let's take a look together.

Many people will wonder whether it is better to have a floor or ceramic tiles in the bedroom? In fact, compared to the floor, the performance of ceramic tiles is more suitable for home decoration, not only practical and durable, but also easy to take care of daily. More importantly, the ceramic tiles have vivid textures, rich colors and different specifications, which can make the decoration effect more perfect.

First. Which floor tile is suitable for paving bedroom?

1. Wood grain tiles

Owners who like the texture of wooden floors can choose wood grain tiles for paving. It has the texture effect of wooden floors and the practical performance of ceramic tiles. It is practical and durable while meeting the visual effects. Wood grain bricks are suitable for pastoral style, light luxury style, etc., with soft lighting. After a busy day, you can relax in a warm, comfortable and natural space.

2. Glazed tiles

Glazed tiles are also one of the most popular styles. The surface of the tiles is made of glaze firing. Its advantage is that it has a variety of patterns and patterns. The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is not as good as polished tiles, and the heat expansion is cold. After shrinking, the product tiles will crack, and sewage will easily penetrate into the tiles. The bedroom is not often exposed to water, and glazed tiles can still be used as one of the reference materials, because the rich patterns and colors can add a lot of points to the space.

3. Vitrified tiles

Vitrified tile is a widely used ceramic tile on the market. Vitrified tile can be understood as an enhanced version of polished tiles. Its advantage is that the surface does not need to be polished to have a polishing effect, and to a certain extent the problem of the inability of polished tiles to resist dirt is solved. The later maintenance is also very easy, and no special maintenance and cleaning are basically required.

Second. Tips for buying bedroom tiles

1. Visually inspect the ceramic tiles and observe whether the product has defects, black spots, cracks and other quality problems. Check several tiles for comparison to check if there are any special chromatic aberrations. Those with large chromatic aberrations must not be used to avoid rework later.

2. Tap the surface of the ceramic tile lightly with a hard object. If the sound is crisp, the degree of porcelain is high and the quality is good; if the sound is dull, the tile is not completely porcelain, which is a defective product. Tiles have a certain water absorption rate. Put water droplets on the back of the tiles. The slower the tiles absorb water, the higher the density and the better quality. The faster the tiles absorb water, the sparse density and poor quality.

3. Try to choose ceramic tiles of big brands, such as Overland Ceramics,and ask for the product quality inspection certificate and quality inspection report from the merchant.

The bedroom is a place to live in peace. The decoration effect and practicality should also be paid attention to. Creating a safe and comfortable environment is the ultimate goal of decoration.

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