Camel Locke ceramic tile quality

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-02
Have owners friend asked small make up, want to understand understand camel ceramic tile of the brand? Let's meet today. ( Camel Locke tile) Foshan camel ceramic co. , LTD. , relying on the strength of modern large foreign enterprises - ceramic group - - Guangdong bower ceramics co. , LTD. Guangdong bower ceramics co. , LTD. Is a collection of production, research and development, sales for the integration of modern large foreign ceramic enterprises. Company spend large sum of money to introduce the world's most advanced production equipment, such as: the world's largest 100 tons of aluminum ball mill, Italy & other; Trevor's sith & throughout; Roller engraving printing machine, etc. , and build the longest in the world today ( 350 m) Automatic control in roller kiln 16, the annual production capacity of more than 70 million square meters. Camel ceramic tile main products include all glazed ceramic, glass, 3 d ink-jet ceramics, microlite the four major types, the ceramic tile of tens of thousands of products, fit all kinds of people to the requirement of ceramic tile is different. Because the camel ceramic tile quotation is decided according to the type and specification of ceramic tile, we take a look at the camel ceramic tile quotation below. Camel tiles quotation archaize tile CDK60779J hutch defends / 600 * 600,66 balcony. 00 yuan archaize brick CDK60758J hutch defends / 600 * 600,66 balcony. 00 yuan polishing brick CXA808 sitting room floor tile is 800 * 800. 00 yuan bo changes a tile CVA604 sitting room floor tile 46-48 (600 * 600. 00 yuan polishing tile CVA608 sitting room floor tile 46-48 (600 * 600. 00 yuan polishing brick CPA808 sitting room floor tile is 800 * 800116. 00 yuan high-profile camel ceramic tile, coupled with the effect of advertising, to make a good impression in the consumers' mind. And the quality of ceramic tile camel is one in the same price brand, don't need to worry about the quality problem after purchase. Purchase and distribution is simple and convenient, solve the worries of consumers. Small make up think camel ceramic tile is in 2009 to open a new factory, market positioning perfection, quality stability, steadily products cover polishing brick, ceramic tile, glazed ceramic, microcrystalline, etc. Series of products, product positioning in the high-end, the quality of the products and ceramics first-line brand, the price is higher than that of private cast factory, if decorate a budget is not very high, look from the price it is a good choice. ( Camel Locke tile)
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