Cement Tile

Cement Definition: Powdery Hydraulic Inorganic Cementitious Material. After mixing into slurry with water, it can harden in air or water to cementing sand, stone and other granular materials into mortar or concrete. When finely ground into powder and added with appropriate amount of water, it can become a plastic paste, which can harden in air and water, and can firmly bind sand, stone and other materials together. It is commonly known as cement.


Cement is especially suitable for the manufacture of concrete, prefabricated concrete, fair-faced concrete, GRC products, adhesives and other special occasions. It is widely used in color pavement bricks, permeable bricks, cultural stones, sculpture crafts, terrazzo, wear-resistant floor, putty and so on. It has high light reflection performance, so that the roadside stone, road signs, road central partition line manufactured has higher traffic safety performance.


White cement is mostly used for decoration, and its manufacturing process is much better than ordinary cement. Mainly used for the gap of white porcelain, generally not for the wall, the reason is that the strength is not high.

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