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Cement Tile YNVI9SM7301 SILK kitchen tile backsplash ideas
Brand name:Overland
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Material:Porcelain tile
OEM Availability:Yes
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Place of Origin:China

Low water absorption low water absorption rate, only less than 0.08%, 5-30 times lower than European standards and natural stones, perennial use, no discoloration, no traces remain fresh all the time.High wear resistance high temperature firing of the system, Mozi hardness up to 8 grades, wear resistance is <150MM3, wear resistance is the most ceramic tile.

Industry media call modern, simple, light and luxurious style products as "modern antique bricks" in order to distinguish them from the traditional sense of "classical antique bricks". Many people will feel that, just as in the past 20 years, the names of antique bricks are not so accurate, this time, the names of modern antique bricks continue to be inaccurate. Indeed, antique brick, in fact, is only a small part of "antique", and "modern" and "antique" itself is a conflict... Because of the definition of media, 2016 can be called "the first year of modern antique brick".







Item Code : YNVISM7301

Finished: MATT with Dry Glazed

Available Size: 297×600mm 600×600mm  900×900mm

Color Variation:V2

PEI : 3


Usage: Residential & Commercial

Application: Wall & Floor

Edge Finished: Rectified




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On June 6, Irvine hosted the First Modern Antique Brick Design Art Salon



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An acid-alkali-resistant ceramic or stone, building or decorative material formed by grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing and sintering of refractory metal oxides and semi-metallic oxides.
The surface of floor tile is also very resistant to wear, moisture and impact.



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