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Ceramic full body marble series ︱ the original stone color, to perfection

Ceramic full body marble series ︱ the original stone color, to perfection


Why is full body marble so popular?

With the development of economy, people’s aesthetics continues to improve, family decoration styles are diversified, and the requirements for ceramic tiles are getting higher and higher. The traditional types of ceramic tiles can no longer meet the needs of the society, so the whole body marble horizontal Empty out.

The first-line ceramics tile manufacturer Overland Ceramics has always been at the forefront of the trend of the ceramic tile era. It is committed to the research and development and production of trendy new ceramics. The technology is very mature and it is the leading brand in the industry. The first-line brand of ceramics, Overland Ceramics the full-body marble series, through multi-tube fabrics, glaze layer superimposition technology, and reticulated jump printing technology, make the marble texture more three-dimensional. The whole body from the surface to the inside, no matter the slotting, chamfering, and edging are all natural. Italian 8-channel inkjet printing equipment, the product color is close to natural stone, delicate, one stone with multiple sides, different pieces, natural lines, no repetition.


"Senior Grey" is very popular among young people. The fabric sofa of the same color is matched with the brass-colored stone coffee table, reflecting the metal color of the ceiling and the ground, revealing the atmosphere in the elegance. The marble tiles on the background wall are set off by the mahogany furniture, which is more artistic.


"Black, white and gray" decoration style has long become the mainstream of the times. Tiles with natural marble patterns are laid on the spacious living room floor, and the plain white sofa and coffee table are icing on the cake. Other furniture and the overall tone have "sparks", which is simply a touch of magic.

Elegant◆Light luxury

Some people think that warm colors are past tense, but they are not. Modern warm colors are just as popular. Beige ceramic tiles are matched with reflective metal strips, and the whole house is equipped with warm-colored lights, giving people a warm home feeling, without losing elegance and luxury.

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