Ceramic tile adhesive and water method

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-01
Methods: the use of a bai, ceramic tile glue 1, construction du metope wet ( Outside in the wet dry) Holds a certain roughness and zhi bao, rugged or extremely coarse dao rough parts of the application materials such as cement mortar leveling; 2, must be removed at the grass-roots level float ash, oil, wax, lest affect bonding degree; 3, stickup ceramic tile can move in 5 ~ 15 minutes after correction. About 1:4 water cement ratio, stirring evenly after the adhesive should be finished in 5 ~ 6 hours ( The temperature around 20 degrees) ; 4, adhesive mixture to daub is on the back of the tile paste material, and then pushing, until plain. Because of different materials and the actual consumption, at least 4 per square metre commonly. 5 ~ 6 kg, paste thickness about 2 ~ 3 mm. 2 gum is also called the ceramic tile, ceramic tile adhesive or adhesive, adhesive cement, such as multiple names, is a modern decoration of new materials, replacing the traditional cement sand, glue bond is several times of cement mortar can effectively stickup ceramic tile of large stone, avoid the risk of falling bricks. Good flexibility, prevent the production of empty drum. Mainly used for stickup ceramic tile, brick, tile and other decorative materials, widely used in internal and external walls, floor, bathroom, kitchen, and other places of building the veneer of decoration. Its main characteristic is high bonding strength, water resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, ageing resistance performance is good and the construction is convenient, is a kind of ideal material.
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