Ceramic tile adhesive sand

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-01
A, ceramic tile adhesive say first ceramic tile adhesive, just as its name implies, it must be dedicated to ceramic tile, brick shop is a new kind of auxiliary material, benefit is the bonding degree is high, it is also very thin, construction is convenient, it's kind of expensive. Second, the cement mortar cement mortar is a traditional way, price is very cheap, can hold the tile when dry. But the thickness is bigger, affected by the environment will paste is not strong, the ratio in place will make empty drum ceramic tile. Below to see which is more suitable for your house from three aspects: 1, the construction efficiency of cement mortar with words is the need to allocate, but also wet wall, throw tile, for support, etc. , the process is more complex, and the demands of workers is relatively high, every piece of brick concrete thickness should be consistent. Ceramic tile adhesive to relatively simple, as long as the water mixing, can adsorption force also is better, faster ceramic tile map tiles. 2, material adhesiveness, the quality of ceramic tile is getting better and better now, so even the wall tile, water imbibition is not so high, so the water absorption principle of traditional cement mortar can not meet now the shop is stuck, and ceramic tile also is bigger, ceramic tile glue paste some more easily. And ceramic tile adhesive is not affected by climate, humidity, and cement mortar is likely to fall off because of the heat bilges cold shrink lead to empty drum ceramic tile. 3, beautiful degree of ceramic tile adhesive with only a small amount can achieve the result of paste is firm, in addition to a thinner, also can well guarantee the roughness on the surface of the ceramic tile. Cement mortar on the wall thickness is wide and narrow place already might have been affected. Glue there are specializing in ceramic tile, the spread effect must be stronger than the cement mortar, but because the price is more expensive, had better be to use cement mortar, the floor tile is still and metope to use ceramic tile adhesive, save money and firmly.
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