Ceramic tile adhesive using method

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-29
Ceramic tile adhesive bonding strength is high, water resistant, freeze-thaw resistance, ageing resistance performance is good and the construction is convenient, is a kind of new type of modern decoration materials, replacing the traditional cement sand, glue bond is several times of cement mortar can effectively stickup ceramic tile of large stone, avoid the risk of falling bricks. Ceramic tile adhesive of good flexibility, prevent the production of empty drum is a kind of ideal material. Mainly used for stickup ceramic tile, tile, tile and other decorative materials, widely used in internal and external walls, floor, bathroom, kitchen, and other places of building the veneer of decoration. So ceramic tile adhesive not blindly use in ceramic tile, is to pay attention to the use of methods and techniques, improper use can result in an empty drum ceramic tile and fall, cause needless loss. Small make up to introduce the ceramic tile adhesive using method.     Ceramic tile adhesive method of use: & emsp;   1, prepare tools: & emsp;   Ceramic tile adhesive, electric mixer, shovel, tooth scraper, solid plastic barrel, spirit level, such as plastic, rubber hammer cross.     2, besmear to brush before, must inspect the ceramic tile, if you have any paraffin or white powdered magnesium oxide ceramic tile on the back of the isolation agent, must clean up.     3, surface treatment: & emsp;   Wet construction wall, ground, wall, ground inside must maintain dry, wall, ground surface need to be flat, rugged or rough surface can be used to be leveled with cement mortar. Clear float ash, oil stain at the grass-roots level, otherwise it will affect the ceramic tile adhesive bonding degree. In short, all surfaces should be solid, dry, clean, no shaking, no oil, wax and other loose materials; Painted surface roughening treatment should be done, exposed to at least 75% of the original surface; After the completion of the new concrete surface, need maintenance six Zhou Fangke tiles, a new plaster surface should be maintained at least seven out of tiles; Surface of old concrete and plaster can use detergent to clean, then rinse, its surface by the dry rear can pave tile; Substrate osteoporosis, water imbibition is strong or surface dust dirt is difficult to clean, can besmear first LeiBangShi bottom oil to help ceramic tile adhesive.     4, stir well, & emsp;   After the first liquid powder, ceramic tile adhesive and water according to 20 kg: 4. 4 - 4. 8 l ratio, using electric mixer, mixing evenly, no particles as paste let stand for 10 min after its full curing mix again can normal use. 2 hours after use, will not have dry mucilage glue repeated use.     5, construction methods: & emsp;   The mucilage with tooth type scraper daub on face, evenly distributed, and into strips dentate ( Adjust the scraper and face Angle to control the thickness of mucilage) 。 Each coating about 1 square metre ( Depending on the weather temperature, construction temperature range required for 5 ~ 40 ℃) , and then you push hard on the, in 5 ~ 15 minutes until the ceramic tile surface level, Adjustment should be carried out in 20 ~ 25 minutes) ; Choose tooth type scraper size ceramic tile work surface roughness and should be considered in the back of the intensive degree; Such as ceramic tile on the back of the groove gap deeper or stone material, ceramic tile is bigger, the two-sided glue, should be implemented in the working face and the ceramic tile on the back of the coated with rubber paste at the same time; Pay attention to keep expansion joint; After completion of tiles, when the mucilage completely dry solid ( About 24 hours) To take the next step of caulking process; Before dry solid ceramic tile surface with a damp cloth or sponge ( And tools) Clean up. If cure more than 24 hours, stains on the surface of the ceramic tile ceramic tile stone cleaner for cleaning ( Do not use acidic cleaner) 。 Special note: choose the brush construction as far as possible, avoid rollers in the process of the construction of ceramic tile to construction pattern, groove back in place.     Ceramic tile adhesive bonding strength cement several times or even dozens of times, however, by adopting the method of ceramic tile adhesive used correctly, ceramic tile glue sticks ceramic tile more security than cement tile, more viscous and can avoid empty drum and drop phenomenon, at the same time also can have the effect of waterproof.     Read the article also see: ceramic tile adhesive is what
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