Ceramic tile adhesive using step is what

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-01
Ceramic tile is the most commonly used in household decorates material, ceramic tile is used long easy to drop, and then ceramic tile off how to stick? The impression of a lot of people in the ceramic tile is made of cement stick up, but you can also use ceramic tile adhesive glue. So ceramic tile adhesive as a new type of decoration material, ceramic tile adhesive using step is what? 1, spring line positioning: to determine the ground elevation and plane position line; Or play in metope level line, completes the collet straight. 2: mixing will mix with water in proportion, electric stir into a paste evenly and let stand for about 5 minutes, little mixing can be used. Off what is a good adhesive with ceramic tile, ceramic tile adhesive using steps and ceramic tile adhesive brand of 3, starched: use tooth type scraper mucilage and apply to the work surface, uniform distribution, each with about 1 m2, but by controlling the Angle of the tooth type scraper to adjust the thickness of the mucilage, generally for tilted 45 degrees. 4, the shop is stuck: (1) adopting from bottom to top, Metope order) , from the inside out or intermediate around ( The order) For, the ceramic tile, Or stone slab) And pressure to the work surface; (2) use the colloidal particles guarantee the seam between the vertical, level off, the juncture of uniform size; (3) the construction process should be often use level by the foot or check the flatness, and adjustment. 5, note: construction metope wet ( Outside in the wet dry) And keep a certain amount of flatness, rugged or extremely rough part of the application materials such as cement mortar leveling; Must be removed at the grass-roots level float ash, oil, wax, lest affect orientation degree; Stickup ceramic tile can move in 5 ~ 15 minutes after correction. Water cement ratio is about 1:4, stir well after the glue should be finished in 5 ~ 6 hours ( The temperature around 20 degrees) ; Glue mixture to absorption on the back of the cement tile material, and then pushing, until it is plain. Because of different materials and the actual power consumption, at least 4 per square metre commonly. 5 ~ 6 kg, paste thickness about 2 ~ 3 mm. What is ceramic tile adhesive using step is introduced here, if you still want to know more household decorates can focus on the knowledge of brunei.
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