Ceramic tile adhesive which good brand

by:Overland ceramics     2020-10-03
Ceramic tile adhesive ten big brand 1. DAVCO venerable bai ( Highly respected ( Guangzhou) Du building materials co. , LTD. ) ; 2. Pattex black &decker zhi ( Henkel ( China) Investment co. , LTD. ) ; 3. MAPEI Ma Bei ( Ma Bei building materials ( Guangzhou) Co. , LTD. ) ; 4. Weber wei '( Saint-gobain ( China) Investment co. , LTD. ) ; 5. Bostik boss glue ( Boss glue ( Shanghai) Management co. , LTD. ) ; 6. Sika west card, West card, China) Co. , LTD. 7. Laticrete sporty) ( Sporty) ( China) Building materials co. , LTD. ) ; 8. The rain rainbow YUHONG ( Beijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co. , Ltd. ) ; 9. China sand Vasa ( China sand mortar co. , LTD. ) ; 10 xiang color SUNCOLOUR ( Hunan and colorful building materials technology co. , LTD. ) 。 Ceramic tile of brand when bai choice also has the certain difficulty of du, because each brand it is with zhi, their own advantages, general 10 ranking porcelain tile of dao has Ma Bei ceramic tile ceramic tile adhesive, black ceramic tile adhesive, channel, boss glue ceramic tile adhesive, solid, ceramic tile glue, selet CERESIT ceramic tile adhesive, ray emperor ceramic tile adhesive, west card ceramic tile adhesive, rain rainbow ceramic tile adhesive and weber ceramic tile adhesive.
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