Ceramic tile background wall?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-14
Ceramic tile setting wall USES is personality customization production mode, and its design is rich, varied. The atmosphere is a high-end decorative effect. Commonly used as a TV setting wall, also can make sofa setting wall, suitable for study, bedroom, dining-room metope adornment such as the background. Advantages: (ceramic tile background wall 1) Decoration diversity: ceramic tile setting wall style diversity, colorful, and the design is very beautiful, suitable for Chinese style, European style, luxury, contracted, pastoral style decoration. (2) High-end quality, all use archaize tile, glazed ceramic tile, microlite tile and other low water absorption, high wear-resistant, moisture-proof anti-pollution deep processing of ceramic tile, sculpture coloring excellent results. (3) Process diversity: the processing technology of the ceramic tile setting wall with plane, two carving, relief carving, carving, carving layer reserve brick face, brush texture, Mosaic, jet spray gold, silver, three-dimensional sculpture, carving, multi-layer carving and other methods, make the grain in the set off of ceramic tile is very vivid. (4) Custom personalized, ceramic tile setting wall is customized according to decorate the actual size, individual character color pattern can be made. (5) Durable and easy to clean, brick surface colour and bricky system from the inside out, mutual confluence, to a dense protective glaze, make its enduring, durable, can wipe clean with cloth. Disadvantages: (ceramic tile background wall 1) Price is a little bit higher, as a result of the background wall ceramic tile production cycle is long, from order to production is completed, time limit for a project typically take about 10 days; And in order to keep the adornment effect and prevent ceramic tile, construction technology requirements are relatively high. (2) Avoid by all means is design and color is too miscellaneous, ceramic tile background wall adornment effect of the flexible and vivid, and decoration in porch, sitting room, TV wall, sofa wall or place such as dining-room, bedroom, fully reflects the sitting room master life quality and taste. If the design and color is too much too miscellaneous, and will have influence on everyday life is.
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