Ceramic tile black dirty don't rub off

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-24
Ceramic tile decoration left black imprint clear small coup pollution types: daily cleaning and can use the mop, and then use the detergent, soap water to clean. Pollution types: tea, ice cream, oil, beer can use soda ash cleaning solution. Pollution types: sediment, rust, mortar using sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution. The drop in the face of tile, rest for a few minutes to wipe, pay attention to the hand protection. Amway has a kind of special ceramic tile detergent effect also is quite good! Pollution types: paint, drawing pen can use turpentine, acetone is wiped, use in the home of the toothpaste has very good decontamination effect. Pollution types: soy sauce, vinegar, carbon use clean lavatory spirit at the end of the effect is better. Pollution types: ink can use the ceramic tile of amway cleaner or toothpaste. Note: commonly used cleaner in the home
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