Ceramic tile carving steps that punch

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-24
Ceramic tile is everywhere in the apartment decoration, and there are a lot of places. In some areas, the use of ceramic tile need punch, master the required to use their skills & other; Carving & throughout; Ceramic tile. So, ceramic tile drilling step is what? Ceramic tile drilling any preventive measures? After all, failure can waste drilling ceramic tile, it related to cost considerations. Step one glazed tile, ceramic tile 1 eye. First with the location of the marker tags to the ceramic tile of punch ( Select solid part) And then paste the seal tape. 2. Use a hammer and punch ( No big steel nails, please remember, also known as the masonry nail of steel nails, not nails), 。 In the marker place a diameter of about 2 - 3 mm smaller, in order to remove the enamel on the surface of the ceramic tile. 3. Select the diameter of the percussion drill to install the impact hammer, the vertical alignment punch, and the appropriate pressure to start the impact hammer. After ceramic tile to penetrate, it can be forced into the required depth. 4. After drilling, choosing the appropriate expansion pipe to dive with screws required the installation of the object. Ceramic tile drilling 2. Ceramic tile drilling note 1. Punching and sealant is effective to prevent the punching and punching due to vibration and shock and make the ceramic tile on the surface of the enamel necessary to crack and fall. It also can effectively avoid holding the bit of instability, and makes the bit jumping out of the punch position and cut ceramic tile glaze. 2. If you want to use bolts fixed object, you may need to choose according to the bolt size needed for the hammer head. Usually, the nominal diameter of the bolt thread 2 = the bit diameter required. If in ceramic tile punched a hole more than 10 mm, recommended for novice twice. Using 6 - diameter 8 mm drill hit holes in advance, and then use the diameter of drill hole to expand, to ensure that the ceramic tile won't break.
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