Ceramic tile ceramic tile shop sticks and matters needing attention

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-27
Floor tile is an important link in home decoration, one of many people due to the knowledge of ceramic tile shop sticks or inadequate mastery, tend to affect the overall ceramic tile shop sticks rendering, and the safe hidden trouble that leaves some shop sticks ceramic tile. For everybody in the balcony or sitting room floor tile rendering little detours, today, the ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile, small make up to share with you and shop sticks ceramic tile when should pay attention to matters. First of all, many of the people familiar with the computer, often go to some shop sticks ceramic tile software, such as light sensitive ceramic tile shop sticks and typesetting system, buy the ceramic tile tile such treasure some free software, the shop is stuck for ceramic tile sales or space designer, this is a good tool, it is a set of visual reality, convenient display adornment material presentation software, users can intuitively see all kinds of ceramic tile shop sticks rendering and the adornment and collocation of whole space effect. Can use desktop computers, laptops, or display with touch screen and very convenient to your clients, both display function, the function and design. Through this kind of ceramic tile shop sticks software can apply colours to a drawing gives a variety of different space of ceramic tile shop sticks rendering style. Second, for ceramic tile shop sticks real builders, with the ceramic tile shop sticks software is just a ceramic tile ceramic tile construction to look to the customer before the shop is stuck effect, if the customer once you determine what kind of shop sticks ceramic tile renderings later also need to be subcontracted to specific ceramic tile shop is stuck, and you need to master their shop sticks ceramic tile construction method and construction level, about tile tile construction method and process, this site is introduced before, you also can learn a lot of ways for customers, in this paper, don't do detailed instructions, only occur frequently during the shop sticks ceramic tile to several matters needing attention for everyone to do a summary description: 1. Ceramic tile shop floor wet method is actually behind ceramic tile to wipe on cement mortar, and then paste directly on the ground leveling a method of the shop is stuck. Need special attention is the issue of surface roughness, flatness error is big, need to make the ground flat; 2. In order to improve the bonding strength, to the road to carry out the chisel solve processing (MAO Such things must pay attention to its thickness of concrete floor and underground pipelines, avoid the destruction of underground pipe and concrete floor) Or is the ground hair treatment. 3. for the living room floor tile should pay attention to the design problem: 1) When brick for design, based on the center of the door, on both sides began to row; Even with the center line of the aisle as a benchmark, to both sides began to shop sticks ceramic tile; 2) The long side of the sitting room and wide-brimmed, arrangement of ceramic tile is effective as a whole, under the condition of the whole become a column, the ceramic tile of the whole column width is best more than half of the width of the ceramic tile. 4. Ceramic tile shop sticks ceramic tile is how to deal with the original ground when? Generally speaking, such a problem solution is the original floor tile must be broken, broken, must be the original ground tile base ( Cement mortar and dry ash layer) Has been cleared, and then back to the shop is stuck new ceramic tile. In addition, many shop sticks ceramic tile, build, although very experienced is also in accordance with the shop sticks ceramic tile, construction method and process to do will appear after a period of time has been used in ceramic tile ceramic tile bulging phenomenon, it should pay attention to what issues? 1) To correct an opinion, many people believe that ceramic tile arch camber and the four seasons of chun xiaqiu winter, summer temperature job not springing, this is wrong, and whether the shop is stuck in winter there is no direct relationship, ceramic tile is the main cause of arching tile laying leave no gap or stay too narrow a gap, resulting in shop sticks ceramic tile appear empty drum ceramic tile arching phenomenon. 2) Winter shop sticks ceramic tile, ceramic tile in the indoor place two or three days, let it fully adapt to the indoor temperature, room temperature is higher than 5 ℃, best so as not to affect the strong degree of ceramic tile paste; 3) Adopt the shop is stuck seam is ceramic tile, ceramic tile not dry solid don't walk about in ceramic tile above trample before; 4) Acceptance after ceramic tile shop sticks to, to check whether there is the phenomenon of empty drum. The above is the ceramic tile manufacturers small make up for all summary share ceramic tile shop sticks and matters needing attention, the concrete construction, ceramic tile in the shop is stuck as long as pay attention to small details, believe that you will have a satisfactory ceramic tile shop sticks rendering. Saw this article recommended to see: how to choose the floor tile finish the living room floor tile shop sticks rendering
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