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by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-31
Now in decorating also is more and more high to the requirement of ceramic tile, and the gaps between the ceramic tile is very small, such as crack, small, integrity, and then some friends let workers seeking effect seamless shop is stuck. This approach not only can't really achieve very good effect, and then consumers not only from the style of ceramic tile, consumers in terms of quality and tile requirement also have higher requirements. Part1: the choice of buying ceramic tile tip 1, is the ceramic tile with carton packaging packaging qualification ( The cull, substandard goods usually don't use carton packaging, but directly with foam, the rope) , should be printed on boxes production factory name, product name, trademark, size, level, weight, color, and quantity, etc. Special attention should be paid to rank whether to talk to when buying, prevent filling master or use the products as businesses use level, color number are consistent, generally the same product, same quality, the shop is stuck in the same space, prevent color difference ( Except for shaping special effects) 。 2, the product appearance from any spot check a few ceramic tile in the packing, the product surface had the following defects: corrugated, stains, glaze, knock against, crack, lack of glaze and so on. The back of each tile ceramic tile trademark, see it fits the bottom mark, at the back and sides are not allowed to have bonding adhesives etc. 3, 1 hours later after the tile shop is stuck, should be timely will stay in tile cement, caulking agent or other wipe clean, sticky dirty object as caulking agent adhesion after four hours is difficult to clean. 12 hours after the shop is stuck, should knock brick surface inspection, if discover free drums shall be laid again. paved finish 24 hours rear can walk, wash thoroughly, mixed with water cleaner, clean ceramic tile clean thoroughly. Part2: installation, seam jointing technique 1, decorate commonly used ceramic tile seam recommendations seamless brick wall tile, polishing brick, such as when the shop is stuck, the size of the seam in general should be 1 - - - - - - - 1. ㎜ around 5 ㎜, not less than 1. Can be as a reference to the nail. Archaize brick seam is a bit wide, usually 3 - - - - - - - 5mm。 The outer wall of the balcony cultural brick seam is 5 mm or so commonly. 2, tick off seam in the process of the ceramic tile in the shop is stuck, must leave a seam, the size of the seam is depends on the specific products, in general, need to tick off seam after ceramic tile in the shop is stuck, here is to introduce the jointing the materials used and the timing of the jointing. The timing of the 3, pointing to the general jointing chosen time in 24 hours after the tile, ceramic tile namely after dry solid, pointing time too early, will affect the ceramic tile, rugged loose or fall off. In addition, before jointing, need to ceramic tile aperture debris to clean up the inside of the dust. Putty powder, white cement waterproof performance, scrub resistance is less, now, in the process of the family is decorated, in hutch defends the wall of the ground, the sitting room is generally not used in the ceramic tile of the ground pointing, now basically choose professional ceramic tile seam filling agent ( Also known as the jointing agent) 。 Part3: ceramic tile installation note 1, pay attention to the shop is stuck is close-grained degree if ceramic tile not bubble water will take the moisture in cement mortar, reduce its strength, causes and a decrease in the adhesion of metope ceramic tile, time is long prone to empty drum ceramic tile and fall off. The shop is stuck, pay attention to ceramic tile aperture and cement mortar close-grained degree to reach a certain standard. The empty drum ceramic tile rate below 5% of the whole wall tile is normal. Notice to choose quality when buy ceramic tile, this is the premise of ensuring quality of ceramic tile shop sticks. Because in the process of construction, construction personnel may put forward metope flatness error is bigger, need to take some measures to separate filling-in, if need to increase the cost of some scattered, consumer is good as far as possible according to the circumstance to give support and cooperation.
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