Ceramic tile classification how choose? Must want to know the 3 kinds of ceramic tile products

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-15
In the building materials market, ceramic tile stores always easy to see spent eyes, all sorts of different species, a variety of names, let a person easily confused, it is difficult to memory and impression. Actually, the varieties division of ceramic tile and named have rules to follow. Generally speaking, can according to the two different direction to understand: one is according to the characteristics of production process, such as polishing brick, bo changes a brick, and glazed ceramic tile; Second, depending on the decorative effect, such as the archaize brick, wood grain brick, marble tile. So, we from the beginning of the process characteristics, the way to representative for polishing brick, bo changes a brick and the difference between the glazed ceramic tiles, and their respective advantages and disadvantages, to prepare the owners of the reference or are choosing ceramic tile products. Low-key practical polishing brick of polishing brick body and body brick is the same, thus stiffness, bearing capacity and superior wear resistance, in addition to the used as the metope ceramic tile, is also very suitable for the ground tile. Polishing brick in the process of production, meanwhile, increased the polishing grinding process, ceramic tile surface more bright and clean and bright. But leave a small hole in the process of polishing, long-term use of words, life also can penetrate stains, accumulation of dirt, so choose polishing brick depends on its surface is increased when the antifouling layer. As penetration technology development, promotion and application of original design and color is dull polishing brick, also added more imitation stone, imitation wood texture effects. Upgrade to optimize bo changes a brick bo changes a brick is similar to that of polishing brick, are the brick body. , bo changes a brick is not after polishing process, and is adopted. The advantage is, avoids the production of small pores, thereby better on the soil resistance and resistance to dirty. Moreover, bo changes a brick firing temperature is higher, suppress density stronger, so that you can do the whole porcelain, the surface is bright and clean as a mirror. Bo changes a brick, of course, also have the perfect effect of body brick, don't worry about deep processing will affect adornment effect. High-grade light glazed ceramic tile glazed ceramic tile on the basis of the ordinary ceramic tile, increased the two layers of glaze layer, printed on the bottom glaze processing, flexible design can be all kinds of texture pattern, design and color design is very rich; On the transparent glaze surface polishing treatment, surface can achieve higher light sensitivity, and fundamentally solved and polishing brick body brick don't stain resistant, easy to seepage problems. As the technology and market is more and more mature, glazed ceramic tiles and subdivided all threw the glaze and glaze, inferior smooth glazed ceramic brick and light glazed ceramic tile. In addition, if consider decorating a budget, under normal circumstances, the polishing brick market sale price is lower than bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick is lower than the glazed ceramic tile.
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