Ceramic tile cleaning and maintenance to grasp key, kitchen and toilet is the key

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-14
The cleanliness level of household environment will affect the mood of habitant, clean and neat household space can make people keep a good mood, on the other hand, the dirt of the environment will make things worse. And ceramic tile is the family is decorated in, use very common one kind of decoration materials, and is often a large area of the shop is stuck. Therefore, the cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tile, in family health clean is very important. So, family life, ceramic tile should be how to carry out maintenance, how to more effectively clean dirt? As wall ground adornment material, ceramic tile in the fouling resistance, easy to clean, corrosion resistance, moistureproof waterproof and mouldproof performance has a unique advantage. However, during the years of use, dust will accumulate on the surface of the ceramic tile, stains. Moreover, the ceramic tile of different spatial location maintenance and cleaning of different emphasis. So, before cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tile, get to know the source of the stain ceramic tile, according to the characteristics of the home different space environment for prevention and maintenance, especially the space polluted seriously, such as kitchen and bathroom. First of all, to see the kitchen. The main kitchen cleaning and maintenance problem is oil pollution is heavy, and you need to use the three square meals a day, if the oil is not handled in time, after the easy accumulation of the dry form the stubborn dirt, oil, thick winter relatively better, if dry, hot summer weather, dry speed will be faster. If encounter this kind of situation, usually need to use a shovel or steel wire ball to clean the kitchen ceramic tile surface stains and oil dirties, and then clean with detergent and cleanser. Of course, in addition to regular cleaning, ahead of the kitchen oil defense is very important, recommend to the oil in the kitchen areas, such as coal electric stove wall brick, with oil pollution prevention stickers. Toilet also is the key area of home cleaning and maintenance, and its environmental conditions and the kitchen has a larger difference, but it has its special characteristics of the space. The function of the toilet take to wash bath toilet is given priority to, environment humidity, water vapor is rich, contact more bath cleaning products. In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, clean toilet is the main problem is bath cleaning products, after long-term use of soap scale in the wall surface. When cleaning, suggest first rinse with warm water, then spray some acid solution, then clean with a brush. The maintenance and cleaning of ceramic tile method is wrong, may be the cause of ceramic tile surface scratches and wear, the unclean hidden, or even fall off wait for a phenomenon, which affects the service life of ceramic tile. Therefore, it is very important to the regular maintenance and cleaning of ceramic tile, is not only to avoid the stubborn dirt accumulation and formation, but also to further extend the service life of ceramic tile.
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