Ceramic tile color and decorate a style to closely linked

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-11
Now decorated the house in addition to consider the cost, also requires strong practicability, the most important is the pursuit of a warm and comfortable feeling. Due to the variety of ceramic tile color and not easy ooze water, anti-fouling, easy to clean and so on advantages and more and more popular with consumers. Ceramic tile breed of design and color colorful, bright color can always attracted people's attention, also let a person feel elegant plain color. In decorating a process, attention should be paid to the use of color space and the collocation of whole style. The sitting room is the facade of a home, give a person the first feeling is often one of the most important. For & other; Color & throughout; Choice and control must be the overall coordination, local contrast, light color ceramic tile can be said to be the joker, simple and not tacky. Cream-colored, shallow ash, or milky white, let a sitting room appear more capacious and bright, match again a brunet carpet, has a strong administrative levels sense, on the vision more upscale and fashionable at the same time. Light color ceramic tile is contracted and the atmosphere, although looks be like simple, actually on the collocation also is very exquisite, look high style, some details need to elaborate. Busy all day, people need to have a warm space to rest, so the bedroom is a very important place to rest. Bedroom tile color don't need is consistent with the sitting room, need to consider the match with all kinds of furniture inside the bedroom, if chest is to choose white or light color fastens, then can choose ceramic tile of a little dark bedroom, such as imitation wood grain brick, inferior smooth brick is right choice, give a person a kind of halcyon, return to natural feeling. If bedroom metope USES warm color, such as orange, yellow, etc. , so the color of the floor tile shoulds not be too deep, you can choose the color with metope similar to photograph echo, on the whole present a comfort. Color too deep words can let a person feel too boring depression, has a great effect on mood. Then turn to the choice of kitchen ceramic tile, is the so-called & other; Yen & throughout; , small kitchen also cannot ignore oh, the food is good and the mood has a great connection, the environment clean and comfortable, natural in a good mood. The kitchen can be said to be the most pollution sources, such as all kinds of oil, water damage, food stains particularly easy to dirty; Tired to cook, wash the kitchen more tired. So in general the kitchen ceramic tile won't choose light color department, especially white, very not resistant to dirty. And a little bit deep color ceramic tile is more suitable for the shop is stuck the kitchen instead. There are, of course, doesn't have to choose the color of dark, the style of ceramic tile to response with ambry design and color, design can choose contracted simple generous, give a person a kind of clean and clear feeling. Toilet needs to give a person a kind of clean and neat feeling, for a small area, poor lighting in the toilet, is not applicable to the ceramic tile of dark warm color department. Because of brunet ceramic tile can give a person the feeling of a narrow, dark, whole space more small; And the ceramic tile of warm color department, there will be a depressive feeling. So appropriate selected deflection of light color, cool color ceramic tile, this kind of narrow space, wall brick and floor tile should choose the same color, pattern that can choose quietly elegant, reserved, class, and the overall effect will appear bright and clean.
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