Ceramic tile color collocation have what skills?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-13
Now on the market of ceramic tile mostly are in light color or white is given priority to, give a person a kind of concise and bright feeling. But some owners feel that too too drab, ceramic tile is not beautiful, therefore began to introduce chromatic ceramic tile undertakes collocation, the colour of ceramic tile is tie-in what skills, how to buy the color of ceramic tile? Interested friends can look at the following introduction. Color ceramic tile is tie-in what tip 1, soft style collocation of color ceramic tile can have a lot of kinds of style, such as imitation of wallpaper, wallpaper collocation, show a kind of soft, warm effect. This style is tie-in slam the door the cold hard feeling of ceramic tile, so much a fabric soft and comfortable, especially suitable for using the toilet. 2, the color depth change two ceramic tile can also adopt different shades of colour collocation together, give a person with the visual perception of relaxation, the ceramic tile of different colors will bring bouncing feeling at the same time, the outline of the notes the rhythm. 3, size within the same space decorate, can use different color, different style, size of ceramic tile is clever collocation, make whole space more vivid. Especially under the action of lamplight, can let the tile gives better colour, light and shadow, make it become a highlight in the household. 4, as well as the combination of hard and soft ceramic tile generally strong hardness and water absorption rate, such as borehole wall tile, its surface like rock, scale is large, has a young black, brown, in the present a rich light below the illuminate of lamplight, very suitable for the bathroom. For local repair, with the formation of soft and hard surroundings, cold with warm contrast, this kind of collocation is very modern style design. 2. A lot of owner like to choose color of ceramic tile in the kitchen and toilet, to bear or endure dirty, the space is little, but these places use light color and cool color department of ceramic tile is tie-in. Because the ceramic tile of warm color department have close feeling on the vision, will increase the depressive feeling of the room, and brunet department of ceramic tile can make a person feel visual space smaller, less indoor light. 3. In the pattern choice, as far as possible consistent with the family style, if it is ceramic tile of toilet, should quietly elegant, vaguely, cannot a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. The kitchen ceramic tile of attention and cabinets, counters coordinated design and color, design should be simple and easy, feeling a kind of clean and clear, can adorn a few pieces of tile appropriately when necessary. Contact: miss Sue contact number: 18680030677 ( With WeChat) Company address: foshan city zen JiHua four-way meaning beautiful home sanitary ceramics 14-1 in the world 15,
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