Ceramic tile color difference phenomenon, how to solve?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-31
Floor tile color difference will be shown after the shop is stuck, is decorated house operation is relatively rare in the process of ceramic tile. I think, most of the color difference, not all floor tile product quality problems, many, many cases are indirect causes. Color difference will appear, mainly has some specific circumstances: the floor tile of no. 1, with the production batch number and color with color difference. In the same production batch number, number one number, one color memory has two or more colors, the happening of this kind of situation, probably because the floor tile that appear quality problem, product is not stable, generated in the process of kiln operation. The same is likely to be production when color is wrong. Processing method: try spread, to the four basic principles analysis of floor tile: one is general gloss good, the other is the texture, grain is linked together, three is natural cohesion, four floor tile is no obvious difference as the key, special attention is given priority to with the background color for analysis, pattern is complementary, do not need to detail to the locality or tile and tile division between each other. If the floor tile, analysis of having two or more colors, should communicate with the agent, to discuss and adjust goods, guarantee the floor tile, overall the same color on the shop is stuck again. 2, the product the original pursuit of color difference between the actual effect. Sometimes, color difference also is likely to be 'into' intentionally. They are the pursuit of pure natural jade floor tile, floor tile or marble texture, exquisite and practical effect of grain. To build its exquisite and practical effect, the pattern design texture, texture and processing technology including skills that are particularly natural cohesion, texture, texture patches of similar but not identical, it is important to make overall pavement actual effect, and practical effect of this kind of natural cohesion, sometimes mistakenly thought by others is floor tile 'color difference'. Processing method: before buying, see clearly recognizing floor tile in the pursuit of natural texture, texture and cause of the problem in normal circumstances. 3, bubble water is not enough. Part of ceramics in the bubble water is not enough, or the period of bubble water, intervals and make cause body moisture content is different, so the concrete cases, also generates the color difference. Another, membrane installation is not timely, floor tile is different after debunk ooze water will also lead to the specific situation. Methods: dry naturally, such 'color difference' has also gradually. Of course, the shop is stuck cases, or suggest body moisture content is the same as much as possible. 4, the shop is stuck, improper handling and generated color difference problem. Some village owner, floor tile a block when the shop is stuck, and there is no color difference problem, also know to clear up a natural cohesion and generate 'color difference' problem. but in actual operation, because the actual operation is not appropriate, lead to products gloss level fracture phenomenon and make the result in color difference. Processing method: a reasonable and effective spread, according to the pattern direction on the shop is stuck, be consistent as a whole. Number 5, different color of ceramic tile mixed shop. Installation conditions, decorate the teacher did not see clear color, number will be different color, different batch number the shop is stuck together. Processing method: before the shop is stuck, conscientious check, color, specifications time mixed together and generate the color difference. To avoid mixed shop and try shop. 6, the visual effect of color difference. Interior space have to distinguish between illumination is insufficient or analysis Angle, also generates visual color difference. Methods: see light interference for the product. How I feel, no matter what kind of products, before the shop is stuck on try, to ensure foolproof. Color difference caused by indirect reasons, most can see clear with self-awareness and try to spread, of course, the shop is stuck to decorate master techniques is also very crucial.
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