Ceramic tile crack repair

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-30
Experience in household decorates the partners will find, sometimes home originally complete ceramic tile cracks, natural in appearance are not harmonious, and the fracture of ceramic tile, the greater the potential safety hazard will bring, the greater the could make ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of cracking situation how to deal with, has become a big problem in front of us? Here, small make up a collection of ceramic tile craze 5 big reason and solution: 1, the wall deformation of the wall deformation is a common cause of the cracking of ceramic tile, ceramic tile craze, due to the wall deformation will make tile appear horizontal, vertical, or diagonal crack. Solution: the source address, in wall body shop sticks ceramic tile wall, construction master to test the wall, we can ask whether wall installation is firm; Moreover, we can at the time of laying ceramic tile, on one side of the brick wall tile, we can make a layer of wire mesh, in order to enhance the strength of the wall body and bearing capacity. 2, paste material unqualified if not paste adhesive material requirements, after the ceramic tile in the shop is stuck is also very easy to cause the empty drum, fall off, such as problems. Traditional shop sticks ceramic tile, for example, often use cement mortar as adhesive agent, the proportion of cement and mortar usually according to the proportion of 1:1 ratio, if appear the phenomenon of uneven ratio, it is likely to reach the effect of the paste. Moreover, high sand soil content, use inferior or expired cement will appear empty drum ceramic tile, fall off wait for a problem. Solution: use formal company paste material production. 3, ceramic tile ceramic tile not wetted bibulous rate high, dry the water soak in advance before the shop is stuck, if there is no prior to soaking, after shop sticks ceramic tile may be in the process of cement mortar condenses, strength rise, the ceramic tile to absorb moisture, cause cement mortar under the condition of the water loss, cohesive force, strength are likely to decline, so that the ceramic tile with wall strength together, causing the empty drum ceramic tile, fall off. Solution: the ceramic tile of flooding in advance two hours or so, the density of brick is higher, the better the quality, need the shorter the soaking time. But it is worth noting that the rule of thin paste without flooding, because the ratio of mortar paste agent contained in big proportion of the ingredients, strong water retention. Not stay between 4, ceramic tile and ceramic tile seam shop sticks ceramic tile, is the need to leave a gap, if there is no seam, it is easy to result in the crack of the ceramic tile is extruded and produce, empty drum or fall off. But already the seamless shop is stuck on the market, the so-called seamless than not entirely without aperture, but compared with the traditional way of the shop is stuck, the gap is not easy to see with the naked eye, almost negligible, seamless shop with a premise, is the requirement for ceramic tile and construction master's technology demand is very high. 5, poor quality of ceramic tile, some inferior ceramic tile hardness is not enough, in the process of using bearing is too high, is easy to make ceramic tile produce cracking phenomenon. In daily life, ceramic tile is the emergence of small cracks are usually used in ceramic tile, a phenomenon that may occur after treatment ceramic tile cracks of concrete are as follows: 1, the purchase of professional ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, or use the glass glue to caulking, but this kind of approach to technical requirement is higher. 2, using toothpaste to repair these cracks, squeeze out a few toothpaste, fingers or sticks put toothpaste evenly in the cracks, and then the surrounding redundant toothpaste with cloth or paper towel wipe gently. Note: color of ceramic tile fractures, will need to purchase the corresponding color toothpaste, or is in white toothpaste with gouache. Cracks and scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile, white toothpaste can also be used to repair, daub a few times more, scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile was gone.
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