Ceramic tile decorated how should choose?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-12
Ground on the wall of the house decorate the most used is the floor tile, tile floor has a high level of appearance on the utility is also widely loved, but a lot of brand floor tile on the market, so floor tile should how to choose? 1, while the Angle in when buying a floor tile, we can align on both ends of the two ceramic tile to overlap in a piece, observe the edges have neat, error values have within the prescribed standard, also can use ruler to ceramic tile is the length of the diagonal to compare, take a look at whether or not the same, and so on. Setting wall - 1200 * 24002, observe the surface of ceramic tile floor tile surface gloss is particularly critical, this can be seen that both face the merits of the reflection of light, floor tile. Can also see that floor tile goods quality problem. Of course, the color of ceramic tile, less deformation, angular Angle, floor tile flatness is very critical. 3, listen to good floor tile on the market in the tap when they make that sound like the coo of this is because the floor tile of good hardness. On the other hand, if you couldn't hear the ringing sound when ceramic tile tapping, the floor tile of calcine is not up to standard, just be careful to choose. 4, and the bibulous rate is bibulous rate is also distinguish floor tile is good or bad a very key factor. Because bibulous rate is lower to table is strong, also can reduce the phenomenon of empty drum. Best when we choose can we pour a glass of water on the other side of the floor tile, observing their water absorption, water can quickly, bibulous rate is high. Late this floor tile in the shop is stuck when prone to cracking damage, etc. Even grain - large size ceramic tile 1200 * 24005, speaking of floor tile of cleanliness cleanliness, I believe you may feel some strange, actually floor tile cleanliness fit and unfit quality directly affect the cleaning of late. Choose, we can use a big pen in floor tile ceramic tile surface besmear draws a few pen. Did take a look at how fluency, can appear the phenomenon of intermittent, after waiting for a few minutes and then try to wipe with a wet towel, can try to wipe clean, etc. 6, tile floor wear-resisting coefficient wear-resisting degree is also one of the key parameters, general component is 5 degrees, from low to high, five degrees is the most used in some large construction sites use wear-resisting, and home use, wear-resisting coefficient to choose 1 - 4 degrees. Large plate of ceramic tile 1200 * 24007, pay attention to color, pay attention to after-sales treaty that floor tile on the market, many category also has a great deal of difference between the price and the best people in the don't blindly covet is cheap, only choose the best to choose some brand floor, so that both in quality and have good in terms of after-sale protection.
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